29 June 2010

This is where I work

From an allotment in London to a small apartment in Sydney, today we see where Samantha works. I can't tell you how how much I love it when I find that young women, like Samantha, enjoy my blog and relate to what I write about.

Samantha writes"

"I am a 25 year old who lives in a small apartment in Sydney, Australia. I share my 2 bedroom flat with my husband and our cat. I have set our spare bedroom up as a sewing studio, and in it I create all sorts of crafty wonders! I enjoying making patchwork quilts, clothes, and childrens toys. Just recently, I have begun working with fabric from clothes purchased at thrift stores (often much cheaper than buying the fabric new in fabric stores, and better quality). 
I love country-style living and yearn for the day when I will have a real backyard. Currently I make-do with a small balcony, and tiny plot of land three stories below it. I have managed to grow herbs, lettuce, capsicums and snow peas in pots on my balcony, and get a real 'kick' out of growing my own food. I have been raising seedlings on my balcony ready to plant in a tiny plot of dirt I have dug in the apartment garden down stairs. I love to record all my quilting, crafting, and gardening adventures: http://hand-quilter.blogspot.com"
Well done, Samantha.
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