This is where I work

16 June 2010
Today's workspoce comes to us from Jill in the USA.  Jill has sent in a photo and a link to a You Tube video.  I hope you enjoy her story.

Jill writes: "About me :) My name is Jill, I live in the United States in Fredericksburg Virginia. I love my job, but I also love to do homey things. Right now I am painting a few rooms in my house. I'm really happy with my color choices. Always good, right? My favorite hobby is gardening. I'm hooked. I've dabbled with gardening here and there over the years, but this is my first time going all out. I have a squarefoot garden, into my second year. Here is my blog about my garden I am married and have three kids ages 20, 16, and 10. The photo attached of my garden was taken just last Thursday. Fun!

Now about my work :) My work space is outside, all day long! I am a pet sitter. It's such a great job. My clients LOVE me and they are so cute, furry and fun! They are always happy to see me. I walk them Monday - Friday while their owners are working. I get to wear tennis shoes everyday, shorts and jeans. I try to look nice but in a comfy way to stay cool or warm. I wear sunscreen and a hat most of the time. I walk dogs in snow, ice, sleet and rain...oh and sun. It's sunny most of the time, that is good. So that is my work space, outside all four seasons. I enjoy them all!!!

I made this video about two years ago for my clients, just for fun. It's of me driving all around my town and visiting my clients. They're great! I have known them many years now, some of them since puppies."
If you would like to be part of this series, please send me two photos of where you do most of your work - Reduce the size of the photos down to about 25% before sending to save me reducing them.  Add two paragraphs describing you, your work and how you use the space.  I am featuring the photos in the order in which they arrive.  Thanks!