This is where I work

13 June 2010
Here is the work space of one very busy lady, Rebecca.  It never fails to amaze me how we all live in different countries where expectations and conditions are not the same, yet we share similar values and a desire to live simply.  Those values and desires unite us and therefore when I look at Rebecca's workplace it it familiar to me.  I feel like I could walk in there and start helping her with the children and garden and although it's thousands of miles from my place, I'd feel at home there.
Rebecca writes:  "My name is Rebecca and I live in the Netherlands. I am a childminder who works from home and so this is my work space. 

Since I am watching 1 yr old twins, the huge play pen is very handy indeed. The children get to play safely and when they have been picked up again by their parents, it folds up and stores away in a corner. It was quite hard to get a good overview picture of my living room but in the foreground you see a small part of our dining table. It is the biggest we could find in Holland. (2 mtrs 40 long and 90 cms wide) Since we have 5 children ourselves and always eat together at the table we needed one that was big enough. It also serves as folding surface for laundry, sewing table, crafts table etc. We do have central heating but we prefer to use the coalheater you see on the right.

The second picture is taken from the front of my house. It is where I grow as much veg as I can possibly get away with. There's brassica's under the netting, lettuce, beans, beets, kohl rabi and well quite a bit more. It is all the space I have available and it makes me so very happy to potter about in the soil and to feed my family fresh food.The neighbours think I'm nuts but I don't really care.

On the right you catch a glimpse of our Canadian Canoe. We just love to take that out onto the water and make trips with it. It is great family time and wonderful exercise too!

Ours is just a simple, small house. But it's our home and we feel so very comfortable here."
Thanks for being involved in this series, Rebecca.