This is where I work

27 June 2010
Today we travel all the way to London UK to visit Dee on her allotment.  This is Dee's workspace, I'll let her explain.

Dee writes:
"Hello My Name is Dee and I'm from London UK I have an allotment that I work on almost daily, basically its a piece of land I rent from my local council to grow fruit and vegetables. My plot measures approximately 1/16 of an acre.

Living in a flat with no garden this is my only means of growing my own for my family and I'm so grateful for this opportunity as land here in London as you can imagine is scarce with waiting lists for council plots between 10 to 20 years. I was lucky, or as some might say, "not so lucky" to get my plot 4 years ago after nobody was prepared to take it on. It had been lying derelict for ten years and was covered in bramble, ivy and plum tree seedlings. I still have around a third to clear with the remainder in full production. Its been hard work at times but well worth it and yes I would do it all again. I cant explain the joy and satisfaction I get from feeding my family with fresh produce that I've nurtured from seed."
You can visit Dee's blog here.  <--  I fixed the link.