This is where I work

9 June 2010
Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on the radio interview.  I'm back at my voluntary job today so I'm going to introduce you to Andrea in our This is Where I Work series.  I had a little chuckle when I looked at the first photo, Andrea.  In addition to your very tidy and organised desk (much tidier than mine), you have Down to Earth on one screen, a beach on the other and a map on your wall.  I think your thoughts are outside that office.  Congratulations on your engagement, love.

Andrea writes: "My name is Andrea, and I live in California in the USA.  I'll be 40 this year and am recently (amicably) divorced and even more recently engaged (that *is* the correct order of events, last time I checked - lol).  My fiance lives at the other end of the country, 2000 miles away, but will be moving into my house as soon as he does something with his house.  We plan for him to be a house-spouse and get the garden going.  The property isn't big enough for us to grow a ton, but it will support enough veggies and some chooks to give us a little more independence.  And thanks to you I've been researching aquaponics, so maybe some fish too!

This is where I spend my days.  I'm a programmer for a manufacturing company, so the view out my window is of the production floor.  It's a beehive of activity, which is good for motivation when I find myself lacking energy.  As workspaces go, it's fairly good.  Quiet, comfortable, with the equipment that I need to get my job done.  And I do like most of the people.  But this is not where I want to spend my life.  I don't even know what the weather is like all day!  But when we get my mortgage paid off and some more savings built, I'm hoping to trade this small, enclosed cubby for a lot of time in the sun with the fiance, garden, chooks, and fish."

I'll see you all tomorrow when I'll be writing about processed food.