This is where I work

24 June 2010
This post is another in the series, This is Where I Work.  Today's workspace comes to us from Mel who lives in Canada.  Mel is also one of the moderators on the Down to Earth forum, so it's lovely for me to get to know her a little better.

Mel writes:
"Life for me here in Canada is never dull. One husband + two kids + 3 dogs = chaos. While I don't work outside the home, I work very hard inside of it and decided that I needed my own space. So, when we purchased our home last summer and started renovating it, this was at the top of my list. I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. The table is so large and gives me lots of room to work. The wall above it is a bulletin board that we covered in fabric and framed in. I am always tearing recipes and such out of magazines and now have somewhere to put them. The shelves to the left of the table hold a lot of different supplies. It is nice to have everything within reach.

While it started out as my 'creative space', it has turned into more of a 'work space" for me. I never realized just how much time I spend here working on various things - menu planning, budgeting, scrapbooking and card making just to name a few. I have spent many hours sitting here this spring pouring over seed catalogs and planning our first garden. In fact, it was here that I decided I wasn't too old to learn how to knit. I find this space to be very inspiring and it is my favorite part of the house."
Thanks Mel!