Simple skin care

18 June 2010
It will surprise few of you to know that I don't spend much money on moisturisers and skin care.  I don't see the need when I have more than I need in my kitchen cupboards.  My two mainstays are my home made soap and pure organic olive oil.

I use the soap for washing my hair, I don't need a conditioner because the soap conditions as it cleans. Commercial soap is robbed of its glycerine, which is the part of the soap that moistures and conditions skins and hair.  This glycerine is then sold separately for more that the soap and the leftover depleted soap is sold cheaply, after being hyped up with perfume and lathering chemicals.  Yuck.  My tutorial for soap making is here.  Despite what others may say you do not need a separate set of bowls, mixers and spoons to make soap.  A thorough washing after your soap making session will restore everything as clean as a whistle. I use my regular kitchen appliances and utensils and have never had a problem.  Soap making is a wonderful skill to have and it will supply you with excellent everyday soap and help you make beautiful gifts as well.

Below is a tiny glass bottle, formerly used for French vanilla extract, that now holds my cosmetic organic olive oil.  I use a few drops of that oil to remove eye makeup and a few more drops to moisturise my face.  It works perfectly.  I am happy that it's organic so I know there are no nasty chemicals hidden within.  Your skin is the largest organ you have, you must be careful what you put on it.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to keep your skin in good condition.  If organic olive oil can keep my wrinkled 62 year old skin in good condition, then it will do the same for much younger skin too. When you go into a store selling beauty products, have a look on the containers to see what they contain.  It's scary.  Simply your beauty routines as well as your life, you'll be healthier for that one little change.  If you need a skin boost half way through winter or summer, use your own homemade yoghurt as a face mask.  Just apply a layer of yoghurt to clean skin - washed thoroughly with your homemade soap, place two slices of cucumber from the garden over your eyes, and rest for 15 minutes.  You'll be surprised at the difference this makes.

And for those of you who are using those disgusting nail shops to have your nails done or for false nails, stop going.  Anything that smells so bad, any job that requires its operators to wear masks all day, just isn't right.  I first saw one of these stores at our local mall a few years ago and now they're in almost every shopping centre I go to.  Limited experience I know, but I wouldn't enter such a vile smelling place and I don't want you to either.  Develop a taste for simplicity in all things, including nails nicely manicured by yourself.  I'll get off my soap box now.  :- )

Have a lovely day and enjoy the weekend ahead.  I thank you all for your visits this week and for the wonderful comments you continue to leave.  They are beautiful, just like you.