This is where I work

1 June 2010
I'm really pleased to open the new series of work space photos with Margy's place in Canada.  This, my friends, is spectacular!  Margy writes:

"Hello from Powell River, British Columbia, Canada. I live in a float cabin about twenty minutes by boat up Powell Lake. We bought it in 2001 as a summer cottage, but now that my husband and I are retired, we spend about 75% of the year living here. We love the remote lifestyle. We have propane for the stove, refrigerator and lights. We also have solar and wind power for some electric lights and to charge devices such as our satellite radio, computers and cell phones. We have chosen not to have television or the Internet. We check in with those things when we go to town for supplies, mail and other city chores. In the first picture you can see my cabin. It is anchored in place with steel cables and a log called a stiff leg. In the foreground is my floating garden. I grow tomatoes, squash, potatoes, peppers, lettuce, beets, onions, asparagus, strawberries and herbs. We don't have much space, but pack a lot in. In the background is our floating woodshed. Our woodstove keeps us toasty warm all winter. Stairs lead to shore and our outhouse.

Here's my kitchen. I get water directly from the lake below with a hand pump. As you can imagine, we are extremely careful with greywater. What goes down could come back up. We boil the water before using just to be safe. The cabin is 20X21 feet with a sleeping loft. The kitchen is at one side of the downstairs great room. One thing I like about my kitchen is that it's so handy. I have everything I need, but nothing extra. Thanks to blogs like Rhonda's, I've learned a lot about becoming self reliant. You see, I'm a transplanted city girl from Los Angeles, California. Last year I tried canning and making jam for the first time. I've also learned to make bread using my own sourdough starter. It's been great fun and I know i'm going to enjoy it for many more years to come. Thanks for visiting my little kitchen up the lake.

You can read more about my kitchen, cabin and off-the-grid living at my blog"