10 June 2008

To book or not to book

Winter in the subtropics. There is no better time or place on this earth.

I've had five days off to wander at will around our home. It's been a great time to relax, and work out a few things that I've been thinking about. I fiddled around with the blog yesterday; the new banner is a photo of the backyard looking out from the chook house, complete with the flowering choko vine. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts on the change.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I thrive on change. I become very uncomfortable when things stay the same for too long. Maybe that's one of the reasons I suit my lifestyle so well, everyday there is something new. There are many challenges and things to learn and although this life is slow, low energy, thoughtful and comforting, it's also dynamic and ever-changing. There is a moral force here that keeps us alive, interested and eager for the dawn of each new day.

One of the things I've been thinking about these past few days is whether I should try to get my blog published. Some of you will know that I wrote a book about simple living a couple of years ago and couldn't get it published. These are changed times now, I believe many people need to know a lot of what I write about and I wonder if there would be more chance for it now. Of course, the book has been absorbed into the blog over the past year but I'm sure there is enough here to make a book. I have all the photos and could add a bit to it to fill the gaps.

Do you think there is a chance for this blog to be re-worked and published as a book? Would you buy it? If there is a good response I will send this post and comments to the publishers, along with my covering letter. I need your help on this, please let me know your thoughts - whether they are for or against the idea. I will keep on blogging no matter what - book or no book. This blog is my window to the world and I can't see myself giving that up. I'd appreciate as many of you as possible letting me know your thoughts.

I'm staying at home today. I'm working on a manual for my organisation and I need peace and quiet to get it started, something that is in short supply at my desk at work. So I'll be popping in and out during the day to read your comments. I thank you for reading and being part of my day.



  1. Go on Rhonda, you know you need to take this to the a bigger audience. The world is more ready than it has ever been for your common sense and help tp find the way to freedom.

    A publisher that sees your readership figures would be quite mad to turn you away.

    Good luck. I will buy for sure!

  2. Go for it Rhonda-I will buy it and so will a whole lot of people out there who want to change but need the knowledge to make a change in their lives!!

  3. Rhonda,
    I would buy this book without even having to know the table of contents. It would be an inspiration and a reminder of the important things in life just looking at it, nevermind reading it!
    Go tell that lucky publisher -
    Good luck!

  4. The proof is in the visit counts your blog gets! Absolutely you should get this published! I would absolutely buy it, and probably a few copies for friends.

    Throw it out there and see what the universe gives back. xoxo

  5. Rhonda- I have yet to find anything more inspirational and informational than your blog. I say go for it!

  6. I would definitely buy your book Rhonda. You've helped so many people by what you write on your blog, there are millions more than would be helped if they read your book. You could certainly change the world for the better one book at a time.
    You are a great writer and a great motivator to get the rest of us to treat our lives and even the world simpler.
    We no longer use any chemical cleaners in our house not only does it save us tons of money but it's good for the environment. In our tiny suburban garden we are growing lots of vegetables and we've installed a rain barrel to collect the water to water those vegetables.
    Lots of luck


  7. I would love to have a book of yours. It would be a great reference and something I would constantly enjoy re-reading for that feeling of community and inspiration. I could also see it being given as a gift to at least one interested family member (not including my DH who would also be a keen reader).

    Regards, Marilyn

  8. Dearest Rhonda,
    I agree with the others...this is something you should do. What a blessing you are to SO many.
    You bet I would buy your book!!
    I love the way you give us so much to learn, think about and just that your share your heart with us.

  9. Hi Rhonda, I feel so strongly about this that I just made myself a google blogger. I have been looking at your site for many months now. I have a partner, 4 children (2 babies and 2 teens), 2 dogs, a cat and a seemingly crazy lifestyle. Your words are an absolute inspiration to me ( especially in times when I struggle to get food on the table) due to time or money restraints. I now make my own wash powder, cleaning products and follow your recipes and suggestions for a simple life. Bit by bit my life is getting organised and not so much of a struggle.I am not so frightened of the future any more.I often ( as i am sure many others do) return to the same postings of your site time and time again to read and re read what is there, and to get inspiration from the beautiful pictures. It would be wonderful to have a mobile version to refer to at any time of the day, and anywhere. I would also love to give it as gifts ( as i know many people would love the book). Your book would help many people out and be a wonderful asset to Australia and worldwide. Thanks Rhonda. Do it!

  10. Hi Rhonda,
    A note for publishers - you are an amazing story of a couple in 'early' retirement who are enjoying life. You comfortably support yourselves on a pension, you are vibrant and resourceful members of your community (even to the point of giving to others through voluntary work). I stress - while many of your generation seem to be waiting for the end, or worrying about survival, you are out there forging a new meaning to your lives and inspiring thousands along the way. A publisher should certainly consider publishing your writings in some form (as a resource, a story, or mixture). I believe your story would especially inspire the many people looking towards retirement with apprehension at this time in history...and to the rest of us who just need a smidge of inspiration to change our lives a little every day!
    Amy (theateam)

  11. I hope you do try and publish a book. I love your blog and look forward to reading about what you're doing every day. Anyone looking to live simpler would benefit from buying your book (or just reading your blog, if the book thing doesn't work out).

    By the way, I love the new layout. It's beautiful!

  12. I think you have information and an attitude which is needed so very much in the world today and the wider an audience you can reach the better. The time is right, take it out there and see what happens. I don't think a publisher could fail to see the worth of what you write. I’m buying the book without even seeing the cover! Good luck! :)

  13. Hi Rhonda,I'm not sure of the format of your book but I do know that you are immensley popular, almost a cult figure to many of your readers. Surely, if your publisher were to make himself aware of this proven situation, he would look with renewed interest on your application. Cherrie.

  14. If I had your blog in book form on my bookshelf, I would be thrilled to know end! It is a relaxing place to come that is inspiring and "user-friendly." Your tips are down to earth and practical, not fantasy. Good luck with this endevor.

  15. Dearest Rhonda,

    Oh my dear, if you don't at least try and get this book published I shall be very cross! Just kidding about being cross, but I am serious about your publishing your book.

    I would not only by one for myself, but for each family I know! So many people come to mind who would benefit from your wisdom.

    I would read it cover to cover and then read it again anytime I needed inspiration.

    YES....YES...and YES....

    Yours kindredly,
    Honey Hill Farm

  16. I am creeping out of lurkdom to ask you to add me to the number that would buy your book. I enjoy your writing and your topics very much and your photos add even more. I would love to have your tutorials in published form.

  17. Go for it Rhonda - can I preorder? I tell so many people about your blog - it would be great to be able to hand them a book! What is that saying about looking back and regretting more what you didn't do rather than what you did do??

  18. dearest Rhonda, PLEASE PUBLISH!!!! I'm sure that there is a market for your ideas. you have singlehanded given me the inspiration to make HUGE changes in my life!! i was as a mother of 5 at the end of my tether, with my poor husband working 7 days a week, me working part time, and still the ends wouldn't meet! now? i'm back at home, doing the most precious job in the world,raising my family,shaping new lives into wonderful adults, with a sense of REAL values! hubby works a 5 day week, we live frugal, healthy wonderful lives,in fact we actually have savings for the first time in years! YOU, dear Rhonda have been the inspiration for our life change!! i don't really know how to put into words just how inspiring you have been to us,in guiding us and making us realise that it CAN be done.I have recommended the blogg to everyone i know, and i know many freinds and family now read it every day.
    I get up in the morning, make coffee, quitly sit for 1/2 hour and read what's on your mind today, and everyday it inspires me, and motivates me for the day ahead. my frame of mind is much calmer, and i stop and smell the roses every day, to appriciate the kind and gentle way of life we are blessed with. you and Hanno give so much to us all, across the world,i would buy your book in a heartbeat, and i'm sure i speak for many of us when i say that! i'm sending many grateful hugs from the u.k. to you both. best of luck dorte

  19. Yes, Yes Yes and Yes and I would absolutely buy either a book or download, but a book would be so much nicer. Try again, nothing to lose!

  20. Rhonda,

    Oh! I wish you would have wrote your book a year or two ago. I would have read it cover to cover. (just like I read your blog) I sometimes go back to the beginning of your blog and re-read the old posts.

    You have so much information please don't keep it all to

    I know my life is different now because of your blog. I have learned so much from you:) I could never thank you enough for living simply and enjoying it:)

    Please write the book.... You could help so many others.



  21. Hi Rhonda,

    I believe that you are leading a big transformation in the world. Yes, YOU!

    Many of my generation (X) missed out on the basics of cooking, stockpiling, gardening- all the things necessary to run a household healthily, frugally and responsibly. We are now having our families and are searching for a way to save our households from debt, our relationships from stress and our environment from harm.
    You are able to give out this crucial missing information in such an easy to read way, with a big helping of sisterly/ motherly/ grandmotherly love.

    I know my copy of your book will have lots of dog-eared pages- the pages I will love to read and re-read, just as I revisit many of your posts.

    Thank you for all you do, good luck- I am sure a publisher will snap this project up.

    I am glad however that you intend to continue to blog- I would miss "hearing" from you each day!

  22. Hi Rhonda,
    I say go for it, I think the time is right and there are alot of people who need and want this kind of information.

    You go girl!!!!

    PS: I would buy a copy for me and one for my daughter.

  23. Yes, you should...and if the title Down To Earth worked its way into the book title, I think it would be great, too...so many meanings in that title :)

  24. Whoops, it appears my comment just disappeared into the ether.

    Last night I printed off your Cleaning section because I wanted to read about home mafe products while laying in bed not sitting at the computer. I expect to do this again. Would I buy a book of yours? You'd better believe it.

    I must go to work now but will e-mail a couple more thoughts if I may.


  25. May I suggest two books.

    One for early retirement folk & another for families wanting to live within their means with the rising costs of today life.

    Here in NZ the news is all BAD, worst economy it has been for 40 years - petrol just keeps going up ($2.10 per litre) this results in everything going up including food. Families are hurting from being over committed, old folk are also hurting for not putting away some savings.

    All the best for your book, I think lots of people will benefit from it.

    Love Leanne NZ

  26. I think it would be great for you to turn this blog into a book. Especially if it started out with all the basics and was illustrated with stories from your life. Some people would love to live more simply but just don't know where to start. And even if they didn't take it as far as you do, every little change helps. Go for it!

  27. Blog posts are great but nothing beats a book! I would love to have Down to Earth in book form. I think there definitely is a change coming, with more and more people trying to scale back and do things simply. I hope you find an interested publisher.

  28. I think your book would sell, because now a days times are hard and people are looking for diffrent ways of doing things. I have been reading this blog for a long time now and I look foward to reading it each day.

  29. Great idea!

    If you can't get a publisher interested, how about an e-book? You could make a pdf of your book and make it available for download and/or email it to purchasers. They could pay via paypal or moneybookers (cheaper version of paypal) or similar.

    Or you could try and line up some advertisers for the book and get them to fund you to self-publish.

  30. It is true the world has changed in the past ten years. We will soon all be needing to adopt your lifestyle and a book from you would be a fantastic guide from someone who knows what it's all about and is still learning as you go. I say go for it. I would definitely buy it!

  31. Rhonda - I hope your book would be available pre-order because I want to know I can get a copy even before it comes out. Go for it Rhonda. I've only been reading your blog since the beginning of the year and I can't go one day without checking your blog (sometimes 2-3 times in case you wrote something during the day). Keep us posted on your decision. But for sure - add my name to the list for a YES.

  32. I say go for it!

    You write well and provide information on simple living. Anyone wanting to read up on simple living would gain a wealth of information for this blog book.

    Best of luck

  33. I would LOVE to purchase your book. You have been such an inspiration to so many people at this point, I think word of mouth would be a lot of free publicity! lol My dh has even come around to the idea of a simpler life now.
    I love the new photo in your title. Simply beautiful.
    Good Luck!

  34. Hi Rhonda,I think you should try for it,you are an inspiration!The times are a changing ,with so many now having to live off lttle money and struggling, your book would be a great help to millions!We are going to have to go back to the old way of making things for ourselves,the cost of living is forcing people to change their ways!I'm sure it would be so helpful to us here in the UK too!
    Get it published and put it on Amazon,we'd buy it and recommend it to others!!!
    You go girl!!!!
    Love from Kathy and the girls

  35. I would definitely buy this book! My husband and I have told all of our friends about your site and have had tons of fun reading and learning.

    Two days ago we made soap! We'll now wait six weeks to see if it turns out :)

    Good luck, and I will buy it!

  36. I would definitly buy it. No question! I think you should go for it.

  37. Hello everyone. I've just spent the last few minutes having a cuppa and reading your wonderful comments. I particularly want to thank the lurkers who have taken the time to comment. It means a lot to me that you did that.

    Thank you all so much. I think it might make a difference.

  38. Dear Rhonda, I feel that I came across your blog in a time that I needed it. I really don't think that I am alone in this. I had been feeling that our lives had to change but wasn't sure how to do it. You provided the inspiration and the knowledge that it could be done.There is a definite need in the world for a book by you. I would buy and use it as a daily handbook for living.

  39. Not only would I buy it, I'd buy it NEW, something I haven't done in 20 years (I'm a used book yard sale kind of girl!) lol

  40. I say go for it. You have so many readers here and that's just the people who have been able to find your blog out of as many as their are on the net. Why not a book. As you said times have changed and for all sorts of reasons people are looking for these kinds of changes. You never know until you try. I think you have a good talent for teaching this. Use your gift and see what happens. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose to do.

  41. I would definitely, 100%, buy your book. I love your blog but there is still nothing better than having a book to look through for knowledge and inspiration. Best of luck with this project.


  42. Rhonda, a good friend of mine Sally Cooper, spent 3 years working as a radio trainer in Kabul (2003-2006) and kept a diary of her time there. She sent her mates a copy of "The illustrated Afghan Diary" about once a month via email. When she landed home, she put it all together, and the result was published about a month ago called, "A Burqa & a Hard Place". On Friday, she finished a week long publicity tour talking with radio and tv people about her Afghan experience. The publisher was Pan Macmillan. They were the first people to receive the manuscript, and the first to make an offer.

    Publishers and book buyers (I believe) are looking for authentic experience. I have two other examples in mind, both based on blogs. There is a book I lent to someone called Julia & Julia...written by Julia someone....about this woman in New York who decides to cook every single recipe in a french cookbook over the course of one year. MOst entertaining. There's also Amanda Blake Soule - the Soule Mama lady who you are familiar with who is published. She might be able to give you some thoughts on the process.

    My two bobs worth on the new home page look - very cool.

    I'll certainly buy your book.

    Lisa J x

  43. Hi Rhonda,
    A while back I found a girl who self-published her blog. I can't seem to remember who it was, (it was a while ago), but she did it through www.lulu.com
    Perhaps if you get no joy from traditional publishers, this website might provide an alternative (and they allow downloads too).
    Cheers, Lela

  44. I would buy it! In a heartbeat. You have so much to share with people, especially your understanding that everyone is going to do this simple living a little differently, but the important thing is to begin the baby steps now............You have a very non-judgemental, encouraging style that makes all the information easy to deal with. It's a gift I think you are meant to share.

  45. post script:

    I would buy at least three copies and give it to my daughters and probably more copies for friends.

  46. I would absolutely buy it, and recommend it to others!! I already tell friends about your site!!
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!!

  47. Rhonda,
    I would definitely buy your book and I know of several other friens that would purchase it! You are right! These are changed times and people are desperately seeking simplicity and information on self-sufficiency!! Go for it!

    Kristina in Nebraska

    P.S. My daughter in in your neck of the woods this week for a student program! I told her to think good thoughts your way while she was there!

  48. Yes Rhonda, go for it I would buy a copy as well maybe even 2. Good luck with getting it published Im so excited for you. Marlo

  49. Oh yes! I have said this before, and will again, it would be GREAT to have all your wisdom in a book :)Much easier to have it at my finger tips on my bookshelf than to have to log in to the internet.

  50. Rhonda,

    I would love to buy your book. It would give me a hard copy of something I read and re read all the time. I would be able to read it in bed as a book. Your inspirational knowledge would then be preserved in print.

    Go for it...

    Tracie xx

  51. A book would be fantastic to have as a reference for simple living which is much needed today. With the price of everything rising in price there will be more and more people looking for inspiration and information to help them save money. Your blog has been a source of information for me for a while now and I have to check each day to see what you have added that I could use.
    Look forward to a book.
    Good Luck

  52. And think of all the people who just discovered you, like myself ! Your book would be a great inspiration, as your blog is. I would sure buy one for myself and it would be a great gift for some people I know (those who can read english, anyway !)
    Thank you very much for opening a window into your life.

  53. Definately publish Rhonda. I re read your posts constantly and would love to have it in a book form, it would make an excellent Christmas pressie for lots of my friends and family as well.

    Now is the time to publish. There has been a huge increase in the number of self sufficiency and frugal lifestyle books recently but yours,(with it's combination of helpful advice and philosphical comments) is unique. Nothing you have done is beyond the reach of most householders, and that's something that a lot of the self sufficency authors tend to forget - most of us have a limited budget!

    Put me down for four copies please!

  54. Yes I would certainly buy your book - but please please continue to Blog, this helps keep me motivated and like the others visiting here really makes my day :)

  55. Hi Rhonda,
    Yes, definately publish your blogg!!! Your writing is very unique, easy to read and follow, and full of such great information! I can't imagine a publisher not wanting to grab the offer of a book. Good luck! I for one will buy a few copies and give as gifts! Thanks for the blogg.

  56. Just a quick comment to add to the "yes do the book" crowd.

    Like many others have said already - it would be great to have your advice and wisdom in a book so it can be taken and used anywhere...and of course given as gifts!

    Go for it Rhonda!
    but keep blogging too :-)

  57. I think a book is a splendid idea.
    Wishing you every success with its journey.

  58. I think you are on the cusp of a major cultural change, a change that perhaps the world wasn't ready to embrace 2 years ago when the getting was good.

    Now is the time more than ever that I believe the public would gladly embrace your simple, back to basics, living.

    Good luck. Yes, I would buy your book.


  59. Hi Rhonda
    I find your blog very inspirational and I read every post. I think publishing a book would be very worthwhile.

  60. Hi Rhonda:

    Email me when you get a chance. I've published two books myself with another under contract, and though they are more academic, there is a process involved that will help you get this going.

    I also know a guy who self-published very successfully, I can pass along his name if you want.


    Anna Marie of the Bread

  61. I would like to echo the comments left by dorte...
    My days are now much calmer and uplifted after I have read your blog. It gives me the courage,information and companionship to stay on this road to simple living.
    Your book would be a valuble asset in our changing times and is very much needed.
    In eager anticipation..

    Teresa UK

  62. Yes Rhonda, I believe now more than ever people need to go back to a simpler way of living......

    At the end of world war 2 we were tired of the war but in a large number of cases a lot fitter.....we had less fat to eat, had to live mainly on vegetables (My granmother had an allotment on the local park) and less meat.

    The younger generation do not have the experience that the older ones amoungst us have, and a book would help to show them the way, you never know it could become a best seller!!!

    In the UK we have a website called money saving expert, on there is a section devoted to doing things 'the old way' its called 'old style.........have a look, they have published a book based on that thread.

  63. Definitely go for it. I find your blog extremely good at offering money saving ideas, and thoughts for a better way of life. Times have most certainly changed recently and I would imagine your take on life is just what a lot of people need to help them through the difficult times ahead.

  64. Hi Rhonda,
    Go for it girl. I hope the publishers listen. The need to live in a greener and more economical way is becoming more important. Maybe you were ahead of the times 2 years ago but things have changed as you could foresee.Now is the time when a book like this blog is needed.

    Good luck, Eileen.

  65. hi rhonda, i have only just started reading your blog in the last week and already i am a changed woman, and eager to learn more!

    yes, i would buy your book.


  66. Hi Rhonda,
    Please try & get your wisdom published. It would be such a blessing to people of all ages.
    I've just left work to stay home & am gradually convincing my husband that simple is best and you are my inspiration. I read & re-read your blog all the time and I just know that if you got published, so many people would realize that living the simple life isn't as hard as they thought.

    Hereford uk

  67. Hi Rhonda,
    I would certainly buy your book and maybe one for my friend too. I too found your blog at just the right time and am taking your advice, recipes, and tips and putting them into practice in my own life. With the economy and environment they way they are your book would certainly be an investment in anyone's future. I echo a lady from the UK on here who said her life is now calmer & her family happier - by the end of this year I should be cutting back to part time work and be able to spend so much more time with my daughter, not to mention have lots more time to cook, garden & generally bless my family! So, thank you and all the best with this. Tamara

  68. I think that a lot of the material from the blog would work really well as a book and I would love to see it!

    To be perfectly honest though, I think it is something to think long and hard about because becoming a published (and, likely VERY popular) author might take you away for a time from the simple life that you are currently living and promoting... You will be working for a publishing company for a while, rather than for yourself and Hanno.... and life could become 'unsimple' for a while, while you try to handle book deadlines alongside home and work requirements. My guess is that you might also become a bit of a celebrity! But why not? :)

    Have you looked at books that others have written on the back of successful blogs? I'm thinking of quite different genre, but for example, Martin Lewis of Moneysavingexpert.com has written a couple of books about various aspects of personal finance, and Shauna Reid has written the hilarious "Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl" based on her own personal weight loss blog. Might be worth just looking at the continuing blogs written by people after publishing books to get a feel for how it has affected their 'normal' lives.

  69. Yes Rhonda please do. I would have one for myself and buy some for Christmas presents as well.

  70. Rhonda, I would simply *LOVE* to buy a book containing a detailed and organized explanation of the thoughts you share with us here on this blog. Sure, reading your blog is wonderful in its dynamics, but a book would be lovely to sort of round it off.

    If you publish, and if it can be ordered from Amazon, I'm pretty sure I'll buy it.

    Good luck!

  71. Rhonda,
    I haven't read all the replies because I know they will all say that you should go for it. I think there are many people out there who are looking for a change in their life and don't know how to do it. Your ideas and the simple lifestyle in general might help them.
    Are you familiar with the books by Elain St. James? I've bought her book "Inner Simplicity" I think 8 yrs ago or even longer. They're wonderful books and could perhaps be of inspiration to you.

    Christine from the NL

  72. Hi,Rhonda,
    I've been reading your blog since the beginning of this year. I would definitely buy your book.

    You have the knack of encouraging people gently, of patting them on the back for each small step they take. Your blog is inspiring, uplifting, soothing and peaceful all at the same time.

    Here in the U.S., it has become fashionable lately to go green. Advertisers have caught on. There are green home seminars being given in my area, green dry cleaners, etc. While there may not have been a market for your book a few years back, I think now is definitely the time. Your beautiful pictures and step by step directins alone would be worth the price.

    I have not ever left you a message, but just wanted to encourage you to please write that book. The world could use it and now is the time.

    Thanks for all you do and good luck!

    Katie in New York

  73. Oh, do count me in. I would definitely buy the book - you have been an inspiration to many people.

    Nadege Armour

  74. A big YES!! Go for it Rhonda Jean.

  75. Definitely, definitely.
    You have put so much work into your blog and the many tutorials you have offered, and some financial reward is deserved.
    I would definitely be buying a book version, even if it was mostly taken from the blog. I hate sitting at the computer desk so I've been slow to work my way through your archives. So many of your tutorials are for practical tasks and I could do with the book sitting on my kitchen bunker for so many of them!
    I haven't posted for ages but I still love reading this every day.
    I think there is definitely a market for this kind of book nowadays.
    You are a good writer, a great teacher and an inspiration to many ordinary folk.
    Good luck whatever you decide!
    Karen (Scotland)

  76. Sign me up for a copy Rhonda! I thoroughly enjoy reading this blog. My computer was in intensive care for almost two months and the thing I missed the most was your blog.

  77. I think you should write your book. There have been so many thing that you have written about that I have started to think about and do because you wrote something here. I now make bread almost every weekend. I have tried making pasta, signed up to take a cheese making class. I have reintroduced myself to my sewing machine and I now carry some sort of needle work with me. I have a bigger garden and would have chickens if my community would let me. I would buy the book because it would be very nice to have all this information in one place for quick reference. With thanks, Karen Gentile

  78. I say go for it! I would buy your book. You cover a good array of topics and have a lot of personal experience and insight to share. I have found your blog rewarding and check back every day!

  79. You just have to go for it! In these times, the information you offer is needed, and wanted by many people in many different countries. I would absolutely buy your book. I can't tell you how many times I come back to your blog for reference on different things.

    This is the time! Go for it!

  80. Yes - please publish your blog. It's such a refreshing window on the world.

    It would also be excellent as a feature on Radio 4 here in the UK.

    Love the new photo header on the blog - the gate is inviting! Will this be the book cover, I wonder.

    Good luck in all you do.

  81. I am a new reader in Austin, TX and find your writing perfectly suited to me. I would buy your book as well as pass the word about ti along to others I know on a similar path.

    Good Luck!

  82. Yes, Rhonda, I would DEFINITELY buy such a book! I realize that I rarely comment, usually because I'm sneaking peeks at the blogs before busying myself with other things, but I ALWAYS look forward to your posts in particular because they are detailed and informative - very important for a single woman in her late 20's who wants to start living the simple life -- NOW -- but has not grown up knowing how to do it, thanks to being raised in the convenience culture of the 1980s. I believe in your spirit, and how well that can translate from the blog world into the pages of a book. You have the ability to translate the actual LOVE for such a life, and in such the power also to transform. And that is very much what this whole world needs at this very moment. ~~ from Karen in Kentucky

  83. I read here everyday and always look forward to your new ideas. I think it would be wonderful if you published your blog. With the recent changes in the world, I think your blog would be very well received.


  84. YES! Of all the blogs I have read, yours has so much to offer. And you are right, things have changed in the world and more people want/need to resort to a simplier and more self-resourceful lifestyle. And unfortunately, many folks have few, if any of these skills. You have a unique way of teaching that makes it so easy for people to learn. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  85. I'll buy your book, Rhonda! I'll buy a copy for every single member of my family so that they will understand our lifestyle!!!!


  86. Hi Rhonda,

    Okay I must confess I am one of the lurkers, for many months now! I truly enjoy your calming words and wisdom on living a simple life and check in with you nearly every day. I’ve always been fascinated by Australia and it’s amazing that my part of Florida and your part of Australia have such similar climates. My tangerine tree would get along well with your orange and lemon trees. You’ve actually changed my perspective on housework, which is quite an accomplishment! And of course I enjoy the frugal tips and recipes too.

    I usually get all of my books from the library, but I would buy your book to have on hand as a reference.

    Kind regards,

  87. My wife and I are late 30's, career, typical US couple with 2 kids and a dog. This site is an inspiration to live life differently. I own a book called, "How to live without a salary," written a few years ago. With your writing style, photos, recipes and how-to, I think it could do well.

  88. I would most definatly buy your book. Your blog so inspirational, your book would be that much more.
    I'm sure all your readers would say the same thing!

  89. Ever since I was led here by another blogger I have thought that this would be a great book. I need a guide to help my transistion into the simpler life and I would definetly buy it!

  90. Hello...I just discovered your blog about a month ago from a link on Copper's Wife. I loved your writing, and spent several hours over the next two days, reading through all of your archives.

    Someone has already mentioned Lulu.com. CafePress.com also offers print on demand books, if you feel like uploading material yourself.

    Also, there is a place where you can make your whole blog into a book-so that you don't have to bother going through a commercial publishing house, with all that would entail.

    The address for that is: www.blurb.com/create/book/blogbook
    (I haven't used this service myself. I've just kept it in my notes as a future possibility, and thought I'd pass it along as something else to consider.)

    Your blog is now one of my daily stops. Thank you for sharing.

  91. Rhonda, Your philosophy is inspiring and your suggestions for simple living invaluable - but you are also a wonderful WRITER! You express yourself elegantly, clearly - as a former English teacher and book editor, this always impresses me when I read your blog (which is daily and compulsively, I might add). I have read many, many books on "Simple Living" (in fact, I just sent you one today - "Not Buying It"), and I think your "niche" combined with your prose style make for a very appealing book proposal. I can't wait!

    Kate in NY

  92. One book. two books.....oh, my, you *must* have enough on this blog for *four* books.......as I have yet to completely read through the older posts. What an outstanding reference point you have created here on "Down-To-Earth".
    With such a practical, common sense approach to everyday living anyone is encouraged to do what they can to change their world in small ways. You have made being "green" workable and desirable, because we have watched you and Hanno do it in measurable ways.
    My grandmother passed down to my parents the way we do things in our home and I, in turn, have been doing things "the old ways" for years. It is great to see them becoming fashionable, not only because they are good for the environment, but because it makes me appreciate Life so much more. Simple living is creative, energizing and *Real*, which some people pay big $$$ for to try to get from a vacation at a resort.
    Thank you for your inspiration and your creativity.

  93. Hello everyone. Thank you so much for your help with this. I'm amazed at all the comments and I appreciate every one of them. They will definately be part of my new proposal.

  94. I would and will buy this book! I would buy 2 copies one for me and one for my mum.

    I really think people need to hear the 'other option' to stop trying to keep up with everyone else and spend, spend, spend. I have read this for a while now and it has changed by way of thinking, I've started to mend clothes, repair things, bake more, cook from scratch, make washing powder etc.


    Thank you for the time you put into your blog.

  95. Hi Rhonda, I'm a little late commenting, school holidays you know. A book that celebrates the good things in life is a wonderful proposal. It's a subject that you have a great passion for and I wish you every success.

  96. Oh yes Rhonda you must publish. I would buy your book. The inspiration and encouragement you have given over the last six months has helped us simplify our lives.


  97. My first thought was "ABSOLUTELY YES!". My second thought was "but please don't stop blogging!"

    You blog is something I look forward to every single day and, like someone else mentioned, I sometimes check a couple of times a day to see if you've posted yet (time difference!).

    I can't possibly add more than others have said, and said so well. I would most certainly buy the book.

    My only concern would be that your blog readers are around the world and an Australian publisher might only publish in Australia making the book more difficult (and more expensive because of shipping costs) for your North American friends.

    I personally know of someone who just published a book using Lulu. I don't know much about it but I know of others in the cyberworld who have gone that route. Worth looking into maybe.

    I find your blog informative, educational, entertaining, inspirational, well written, visually pleasing, and a joy to sit down with every day.

    Any publisher in their right might would jump and the opportunity you are presenting them.

    Best of luck!

  98. Count me in for at least three copies. One for myself, one for my daughter and one for a young friend. I love your style, you never talk down to your readers and you have influence across the globe, to which the comments here bear witness. You are a calming voice in a mad world.

    Have you tried a publisher with a strong interest in environmental issues? I can imagine your book sitting quite comfortably alongside some of the titles published by New Society: http://newsociety.com/

  99. absolutely! The world is ready now. Change has become urgent and a book like this blog would be well received IMO

  100. I will be in line to buy!
    I LOVE your blog Rhonda Jean... it is SO informative and inspirational! I love it!
    Looking forward to hearing what you come up with!

  101. One option would be to produce an ebook version first, and sell it through your blog (via paypal) for a nominal fee (lots of blogs-turned-books go for around $2-$5).

    Would give you a good start in the publishing world. Self-publishing might also be a possibility, but a bigger committment.

    Good luck either way!

  102. Yes!
    We need to spread the word! You are a great inspiration for me and my new life. I always ask myself, "What would Rhonda do?".

  103. I think they would be fools if they turn it down. People need to learn this information hard times are coming and we need to get prepared for thoes times. Go for it! I would buy it!
    All my best
    Pam Watts

  104. I'm a new subscriber, and I'm enjoying catching up on your story. Short answer...yes! You should absolutely give the book another shot. You are correct, these are changed times. And the message of simple/frugal living is spreading. I've subscribed to your feed, and look forward to future posts, and to following your progress on the book.

  105. Ahhh hope I am not too late to reply to this post, I've had a busy couple of days and not had time to look in.

    You MUST MUST MUST get this published, I have raved to my family & friends about this website sooo much but alot of them don't have internet access so can't get to you. I also love abit of bedtime reading and would love to have a book to take ot bed rather than staring at the pc into the late hours.

    Do it, Pleeeeeese.
    If you don't someone else will only cash in on the idea and now seems the perfect time with UK deisel being £130 a litre and rice & pasta having gone up nearly 80%. They also reackon interest rates are going to rise three times in the coming months.

    The world needs you now more than ever

  106. You've had a bunch of comments but I'll add one more - I would definitely buy this book and what's more, I would buy it for others!

    I think it would be interesting if you added some of your actual blog posts and (with permission) comments/conversations with readers... even add photos from swaps and stuff like that. Give the bigger world an insight on how the simple life works in the 21st century.

    Good luck!

  107. I think it's all about timing. The timing is perfect for this book, and you're the person to write it. Thank you. xx

  108. i would ask my library to purchase it because the word really needs to get out to everyone who is struggling to cope with increasing costs- I never buy new books anymore but read this blog all the time and recommend it to others.
    Just one thing with the whipped butter- its better to use extra virgin olive oil if you mix it with the butter as 'normal'olive oil has a distinctive taste which i didnt think went too well with vegemite.
    Good luck- i think there would be a real market for a book along the lines of your blog in this day and age (or ever increasing food and fuel prices!)

  109. I would love to read the book! We live in a culture that has to have bigger and better and as a result, people are losing their homes and financial security. People looking to change their situration around could benefit from your book.

  110. Don't send this post and comments. Send posts that are representative of what you talk about so the publisher can see. I wouldn't bother with sending the comments along, since they wouldn't make it into the book (correct?).

    Just a little friendly editorial advice! It would make a great book, especially now with energy and food prices rising so rapidly. People are getting nervous and are thinking about a change.

  111. I always said I would buy your book, Rhonda, and a few extra copies as well to give away...
    Nothing has changed! :D

    I find real books much easier and enjoyable to read than ebooks which would require me to turn on my computer to read (using power, technology, reasonably uncomfortable seating, etc), and then also a printer (there goes more electricity, paper, etc!)if I wanted to print part or all of it out to read it in bed or a comfy chair, or have to refer to in the kitchen etc.

    A real book, please!

    And you keep sending it off until you find a publisher switched on enough to realise he/she's got gold in front of them. I'm preordering ten copies to start with, thank you.


  112. Dear Rhonda, I definitely would buy your book, my kids need it desperately and so do many others out there. Thanks again for a wonderful blog and best wishes for the book. Joy

    Edited to say in a previous post I made a spelling error - I said I had withdrawal systems instead of symptoms regarding the down time of this computer and unable to access your blog for 2 weeks.

  113. Hi Rhonda, Go go go! Not only is there a need for this sort of book (and I would buy it),but what a bonus if you are the writer...you have a gift for sharing your wisdom in such a warm and caring way...you really communicate with your readers...and not everyone haves that talent. I feel like you're with me in my kitchen, or we're sitting down over a cup of tea, sharing thoughts and ideas. I'm slow to comment here...been away for nearly a week. I come back and it's all change! Love the new 'look' and am now going to catch up! Blessings, Diana x

  114. You have all the makings for a book right here on your posts. I come here each day for encouragement and peace. A gentle push in the direction I want my life to head. I appreciate all you have taught me and I hope you keep teaching us all. Look at all the comments...that should be your answer right there.

  115. Please could you have it done by the 12th July, so I could give it to my daughter for her wedding! Seriously, I'd love a copy for me & 1 to give to bem & chissy, maybe 1 for my brilliant friend Jan who took my wayward son in when he ran away from home & has suffered the Teenager from Hell for over 2 years ~ I think he would appreciate it. I'd like 1 for my son in a few years' time when he's a bit more settled & 1 for Annon when her time to leave home comes... I'm sure that my travelling brother-cousin would love it too.

    Just got this far in playing catch-up after returning to Wales for my MIL's funeral, so I'm a bit late commenting.

    I wonder if my friend Lizzie who runs an organic farm with B & B would like a copy ~ I keep thinking of people who might like your book

  116. please try and get published Rhonda,I'm already addicted to your blog it's wonderful all the brilliant advice,recipes and beautiful pictures of your life. I'd certainly buy your book and there's many, many people on old style mse forum who would buy it too I'm sure


  117. yes please do make this into a book.i stubbled across this yesterday and could not stop reading.when i went to bed all i could think of was'If this was a book i could snuggle up in bed and read.then turn out the lights and dream about the life, hopefully, i will be leading soon.thankyou so much.you are an inspiration!

  118. Someone in another blogging community asked about publishing & was given these self-publishing links:

    Lulu (http://www.lulu.com)


    I haven't looked at either of them. Author Crossing was mentioned, but no url given, but it was thought to be a good self-publshing places.

    Hope they will be of use to you if the publishing houses are too short-sighted to see the merits of your book


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