Swap News

12 June 2008
I just want to remind everyone that the sign-up for the new swap, your choice of either a pin cushion/needle book or a water bottle holder is Thursday, June 12. We are having another very popular swap and have nearly 100 swappers as of Wednesday evening. I will post the list of swap buddies on Monday, June 16.


  1. I'm off on holiday for two weeks on Saturday, so could you please email my yahoo address rather than my work one?

    To remind you, its fiona dot gazzardbarnes at yahoo dot co dot uk.

    Thanks very much,

    FiFi x

  2. I will put that down for your swap buddy FiFi

  3. Hi, I'd love to sign up for the water bottle carrier swap, please. Many thanks!

  4. Forgot to say that I do not mind shipping internationally. I'm always curious and keen to see the work of prople from different countries. Thanks.


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