13 June 2008

Swap News

The sign up for the pin cushion/needlebook or the water bottle holder is now over. There are a few of you who forgot to give me some important information when you signed up. Malgosia (pastel maiden) could you leave me your e-mail address (spelled out) and your country please. Hannah, the swap is for a pin cushion/needle book OR for a drinking water bottle holder-do you still want to participate? I will try to post the list of swappers on Monday, and if I run across anyone else who forgot a bit of information I will post a note with the names and what information I need on the blog this week-end. If you want to change anything in your sign up information, please e-mail me, Sharon, at : cdetroyes at yahoo dot com and I will update your info on the list. Thank you and Happy Swapping!


  1. Sharon,
    Thank you again for organizing all of the wonderful swaps. I don't know how you do it! Just know you are deeply appreciated.

  2. I'm sorry to add to your work. I'll know next time what's required of me.
    My e-mail address is as follows:

    pastel dot maiden at yahoo dot co dot uk

    I live in England, UK, but would prefer to swap internationally (no offence intended, my UK friends! :-)

    Thank you,


  3. Thanks for all the work you're putting into this Sharon.

  4. Thank-you all for the kind words and thank-you for the info to keep the list up to date Malgosia!


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