1 June 2008

Swap News

Hello ladies. I am going to announce the winners of Rhonda's contest. I say "winners" because I found three who exemplified the reasons we have swaps-to practice our skills or to learn new skills and to recycle or re-purpose one thing-such as a fabric- to another thing. The shopping tote swap was so much fun and everyone was so creative that I have spent many days trying to chose a winner. If I had my way everyone would win a prize because every tote bag was a winner. Rhonda then would have been making prizes for years and had my hide to boot! So, I couldn't do that even though I wanted to. In a way we are all already winners, for we are each trying to simplify and "green" our lives, and the shopping totes help us on the way. We are also getting to know each other and strengthening our community. Since I did have to choose, I chose three ladies who went above and beyond the call, learned or practiced new skills and gave their best to their swap project. The winners are: Lightening, Liz A, and Ann (Still at home). I am proud of all the swappers and congratulate the winners. Each of the winners will receive a stitchery pattern designed by Rhonda! You may visit Lightening: http://www.lighteningonline.com/2008/04/21/learning-new-skills/ You may visit Ann at: http://notworkingyet.blogspot.com/


  1. Thanks Sharon and congratulations ladies. I looked at all the bags and they are a great testament to our ability to do these things at home.

    Liz A, could you please email me to tell me a little bit about yourself. I'd like to know your interests and obsessions.

    Lightening and Ann, I'll check your blogs to give me a few clues about your patterns. Could you send an email so I can send your patterns when I draw them. That will be at the end of this week sometime. Lightening, it would be good if I knew your name so I can add it to your pattern. Thanks. :- )

  2. Thank you Sharon and Rhonda Jean. How exciting. I really enjoyed this swap and seeing all the different ideas people came up with.

  3. Thank you so much!!! What a lovely surprise to come home to. :) And thank you both Rhonda Jean and Sharon for encouraging me to give this swap a try. I'm so pleased with myself for dipping my toes in and getting wet. It was so much fun and very satisfying to do.

    Rhonda Jean - have emailed you re name. Thanks. :)

  4. I totally loved Lightning's tote! I also liked your blog. I will visit you often!

  5. I feel so lucky to have received Liz A's tote bag and to have exchanged some lovely emails and pictures with her! She is inspiring! It's really a wonderful bag, a work of art. I had especially asked to exchange with someone from another country/continent and am so glad I did. I know that it may not be as green to send things so far, but from a human point of view it may be quite valuable to feel connected not only to one's own area (I'm from northeast Ohio) but with people from around the world. It's something I value about this blog.....

    BTW, I can bake bread and am thinking about perhaps going back to this practice. I like the sponge method where you begin the night before...I hesitate only because I am diabetic and trying to keep carbs down, but whole grain flour would help here. And kneading is a mild and pleasant exercise....My son is vegetarian (for 8 years so I think he will remain so) and finding a diet that works for both of us is slightly challening. Luckily we both love vegetables and tofu. Good home made bread would help.

  6. Hi Rhonda & Sharon,
    I was a bit shocked to hear that my tote was a winner. It is totally unexpected I was just so pleased that Kristi loved the tote and that I also made a new friend. (who is far too kind in her praises for me)
    I also participated in the tea cosy swap which was a lot of fun also. Thank-you for organising these swaps which are a great, fun way to meet new people and challenge oneself to learn new things.
    Take care and kind regards from Liz


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