29 February 2008

Swapping helps develop your simple living skills

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I'm pleased to see so many of you joining the tote bag swap. I think the swaps have three major benefits:

  • they give you a simple project on which to practise or improve your knitting, crochet or sewing skills;

  • they give you a practical homemade item to use;

  • they connect you with a like-minded soul who also aspires to live simply.

If you haven't yet joined one of the swaps that Sharon and Lorraine kindly organise for me, I want you to give it a go. You don't have to be an expert seamstress to join, Sharon has found some excellent tutorials to guide your project and no one expects perfection. If one of the reasons you haven't joined is that you think you don't sew well enough, put that thought aside right now. This swap will help you improve your sewing skills. Besides, it's all straight sewing, it's not complicated. You don't even have to buy anything to join, we want you to use fabric you already have at home or recycle fabric used for something else.

Our tote bag swap will give you a non-commercial shopping bag unlike any other. You can take it to the store with pride, knowing it's been made for you by someone with good intentions and using fewspecially bought materials.

I'm going to ask Sharon to pick her favourite bag, or the bag she thinks is the most unusual or imaginative, and I'll send the swapper who made it a copy of the current Warm Earth magazine.

I send a sincere thank you to Sharon and Lorraine for their help. The swaps have grown too big for me to do alone and if we didn't have those two fine ladies, there would be no swaps. So thank you very much, Sharon and Lorraine. If you have any queries about the swap, please email Sharon at cdetroyes at yahoo dot com.

If you've been doubtful about joining the swap I hope you decide to dive right in. There are plenty of good sewers here who will answer any questions you might have, so if you've been thinking about starting to sew, but haven't yet done it, this is your time right now.
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