25 February 2008

A beginning and an end

All systems go! This is the week we move our Neighbourhood Centre into another premises. It will be a tough few days but the payoff will be working in a beautiful old cottage in a garden setting. I'm not looking forward to the move at all, but I love the idea of the new space. The removalists come on Wednesday, we have these two days to finish packing and to get the new house ready for us. I'll be working every day this week, tomorrow and Wednesday Hanno will go to work with me to help with the heavy work of removing notice boards and blinds and carrying boxes.

Hanno, Rosie and Alice waiting for morning tea.

We had a quiet day yesterday. Hanno mowed the lawn so we now have a lot of clippings for the compost heap and the chooks to pick through. We also picked five more dead fish out of the tank. We thought we turned the corner with the fish but no matter what we do, they keep dying. There are very few left now. We've decided to sell the aquaponics system. I really hate giving up on it but I can't stand seeing the fish die. It's also too much for Hanno when things go wrong. He'll be 68 this year and the days of shovelling gravel should be in the past for him. We now have our new season soil vegetable garden to concentrate on and further trouble with the aquaponics isn't part of the plan. So it has to go.

While Hanno worked away in the garden, I was busy ironing, folding and baking. I baked bread and a few simple oatmeal cookies for our snacks and morning teas this week. There were also tables to be tidied - why is it that everything seems to land on the kitchen table, and a bathroom to be cleaned. It wasn't as hot as it was on Friday, which was 40 C (104F), I think it was about 10 decrees cooler. Nevertheless, when we both stopped for morning tea, which was icy cold lemon cordial instead of tea, we took the time to relax and cool down on the front verandah.

This is the cowl scarf I'm knitting on circular needles. I'm using a really soft 100% merino wool and have just started the second ball.

Hanno continued on with the lawn after our break and I worked on my Warm Earth article; I'm writing about feeding chickens. After lunch, we turned on the TV and the fan and watched the cricket. It was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon - sitting there, being cooled by the fan, cordial glasses clinking occasionally, knitting and reading the paper, the dogs wander by and look at us when a wicket falls and we cheer, the phone rings, peeling vegetables in a big bowl in front of the TV, then I make dinner. It nice being here with just the two of us.

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