21 February 2008

Home alone - the sequel

No wonder I love Wyandotte chickens. Read this! It could be a description of me (LOL) but it is a description of Wyandotte chickens from the fabulous Henderson's Handy Dandy Chicken Chart:

"well adaptable to confinement or free range; calm, industrious, usually docile, but can be aggressive; some are aloof, others friendly."

We are getting more eggs to hatch. Helen emailed a few days ago to tell me her chickens are laying again and she will collect some eggs to send. This time a neighbour lady, Margaret, will hatch them for me. I'm really looking forward to raising these beautiful chicks.

Photo from this site that has very good information about chickens in general but most particularly Wyandottes. This chicken is a partridge Wyandotte bantam, which is what I hope we hatch from the eggs Helen is sending.

Raising pure breed chooks is similar to growing heirloom seeds. They both need backyarders like all of us to keep the irreplaceable and important stocks going, they are both unchanged since our great, great, great grannies day and they both add that wonderful old-fashioned dimension of sustainability to our backyards. Heirloom seeds and pure breed chooks are just like they were 100s of years ago and have managed to survive, so that we too can enjoy their true and genuine nature. They both have big business doing their best to modify and change them to suit the market place so I intend to do my bit in helping them survive my generation so that my grandchildren can also know the pleasure of eating real vegetables and raising pure chickens for eggs.

I'll be home alone all day today because Hanno is driving to Warwick with Shane. Shane will start work at his new job tomorrow. They'll have an early breakfast soon at 6am and then start the drive. I'll make scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast, with tea and juice. While they're eating, I'll pack some food for the trip. I have leftover potato pancakes, walnut and choc chip biscuits, grapes, tea and water. That should keep them going to a while.

At home here I'll make the bed, do some laundry, tidy my linen cupboard, sweep the floors and clean the kitchen. I have six Brandywine tomato seeds left from last year so they'll be carefully planted so I have some for the aquaponics garden and some for the soil garden. Three more fish died yesterday. :- ( Before lunch I want to tidy up the bushhouse and make room for seedling trays. There will be more trays planted up soon and they need to be placed in a sheltered position that gets a little sunshine but mostly shade.

It's been a very mild summer here with very few days over 30C (86F) but there are some hot days predicted. I'll get all my outside work done today and when it's hotter, I'll stay inside, sewing.

This afternoon I plan on resting and knitting. I had three very busy days at work this week organising our move and I'm feeling quiet tired. I might have a nap after lunch. It looks like a good day ahead for me. I hope yours is a pleasant one too.


  1. Rhonda,

    It does sound like you have a nice day a head of you.

    I was wondering how you spend your evenings? Do you get ready for the next day by.... knowing ahead of time what you are having for dinner the next day? Do you have your clothes ready to put in the wash ect...

    I have been trying not to waste a second of my time but I feel like I am going in circles.

    I was wondering if I need to start getting ready for my next day before the next day arrives. I hope this is not too confusing.



  2. This might be a silly comment, but what a pretty chicken!

  3. 30C is not considered hot? Good grief, that's a regular heat wave where I am. LOL

    Sounds like you have a lovely day ahead of you; I plan to catch up on laundry and dishes tonight.


  4. SUCH pretty chooks! How exciting that you might get chicks soon! That reminds me, I have to ring the council to see if we're allowed chooks here... Our neighbours have some but I want to make sure! Enjoy your day - I'm looking forward to getting in the garden as well today.

    Best, Becca

  5. That is a pretty chick! I'm getting chickens Monday!!!! We ordered a mixed bunch-is this a good idea? I really wasn't too sure what to order.


  6. Hi Rhonda Jean,
    I love slow days at home.

  7. We have some Rhode Island Red eggs right now waiting to hatch in our incubator. Very excited about having baby chicks soon hopefully. Hope your hatch goes well this time.


  8. RJ
    Is there an aquaponics specialist in Austrailia via websites or similar you can call and ask advice? Maybe an aquaponics forum like MSE only for gardening and the like? This may be happening to other people in similar weather conditions/time of year right now to you.

    Just a thought. Enjoy your nap, you deserve it!


  9. i do love coming to your blog it makes me want to get organised and encourages me to do more of the jobs that can save money and make life more simpler.so thanks for your tips i do think you are the queen bee at it all though happy days margie

  10. That is a beautiful bird.

    I hope you get some nice chooks from these eggs.

    Being alone is something I only dream of, at this point in my life. Homeschooling three children and being surrounded by friends and family. I know that I am blessed...jut sometimes I want to do what I want to do...that time will surely come. I don't want to rush it.
    Becky K.

    Becky K.

  11. Hi Rhonda,
    I am in the process of choosing what chicks to order for this spring. I think I will add some Wyandottes to my list!
    Enjoy your day ~ it sounds quite pleasant :)

  12. Renee, in the evening I rest. After dinner, I clean up the kitchen and wash the dishes, I don't do any other work. I often read in bed or watch a bit of TV but I'm usually asleep by 8pm. I wake at 4am.

    It's great to know that many of you are getting chickens. Tamara, we have some Rhode Island reds, they're a lovely chook.

    Jennifer, yes, I go to the backyard aquaponics site and have discovered a lot there.

    You're welcome, Margie.

    Becky, although it seems like it's so long lasting, that time with your babies ends all too soon. Can you ask your husband or your mum to look after the children for a couple of hours so you can have some alone time?

    Hi Deb, you'll love the wyandottes.


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