8 February 2008

An ordinary day at home

A wild storm was brewing when I drove up the mountain to my meeting late yesterday afternoon. I wish I had taken my camera to take a photo of it for you. The sky was solid dark grey and there was a long, straight, cigar-shaped, lighter grey fluffy cloud rolling over the mountain that just took my breath away. Loud thunder claps, a few lightning strikes and a huge downpour of rain and it was all over. Ten minutes later the sun was out again drying the landscape in a steamy mist. The forces of nature certainly are intense and magnificent.

Today I'm back home again just living life. I'm going to list my chores so I have a reminder later of what my early morning intentions were. I hope I carry through on the list. I find it's a great help making a list. It makes me focus on what I'm doing and keeps me on track.
  • Blog post
  • Feed dogs, cat and fish
  • Breakfast
  • Feed chooks
  • Make the bed (sheets were changed yesterday)
  • Clean our bathroom
  • Make bread and set to rise
  • Clean out the fridge (don't ask)
  • Morning tea - the second half of the orange cake starts today (it has been frozen)
  • Write emails
  • Sweep floors
  • Plant squash, tomatoes and beans in aquaponics garden
  • Lunch
  • Sewing
  • Make dinner and leave to cook. I'm not sure what I'm making yet. It will be something baked with red salmon.
  • Tidy front veranda
  • Have dinner
  • Clean up
  • Shower
  • Read in bed

I finished off my kitchen curtains yesterday - the curtains started last November. The final piece was to make a top for them. I decided on red and white gingham, to match the curtains close by, and have edged it with a piece of white cotton and lace. I'm very pleased with the end result which is in the photo above. Although it did take its own sweet time to complete, I now have kitchen curtains that give me the sweet satisfaction of a home seamstress and make me smile when I see them.

I have been receiving some of the most thoughtful gifts recently from women who read my blog. It does my heart good to see generosity and kindness in others but I feel a bit embarrassed to receive gifts for something I love doing and feel is one of my duties to continue on with. I think we should all share what we know with others so we keep the skills of simple living alive and know we aren't alone in our own endeavours.

Yesterday I received a parcel containing an ABC local radio shopping bag, a calendar of recipes and a sweet note from Lisa at the Tin House. Lisa interviewed me for her radio program a couple of months ago and the gift is a token of thanks for that. Last week I received some tomato seeds from Mary and a set of DVDs of the program "It's not easy being green" from Annet. Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and generosity. I will sent emails to you all today. I'm sorry I haven't done it before now but life got in the way. Annet, I haven't watched the DVDs yet but hope to tomorrow.

I appreciate the comments many of you leave, I think they add a lot to this blog. Hello to all the new visitors, thanks for stopping by.

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