8 February 2008

An ordinary day at home

A wild storm was brewing when I drove up the mountain to my meeting late yesterday afternoon. I wish I had taken my camera to take a photo of it for you. The sky was solid dark grey and there was a long, straight, cigar-shaped, lighter grey fluffy cloud rolling over the mountain that just took my breath away. Loud thunder claps, a few lightning strikes and a huge downpour of rain and it was all over. Ten minutes later the sun was out again drying the landscape in a steamy mist. The forces of nature certainly are intense and magnificent.

Today I'm back home again just living life. I'm going to list my chores so I have a reminder later of what my early morning intentions were. I hope I carry through on the list. I find it's a great help making a list. It makes me focus on what I'm doing and keeps me on track.
  • Blog post
  • Feed dogs, cat and fish
  • Breakfast
  • Feed chooks
  • Make the bed (sheets were changed yesterday)
  • Clean our bathroom
  • Make bread and set to rise
  • Clean out the fridge (don't ask)
  • Morning tea - the second half of the orange cake starts today (it has been frozen)
  • Write emails
  • Sweep floors
  • Plant squash, tomatoes and beans in aquaponics garden
  • Lunch
  • Sewing
  • Make dinner and leave to cook. I'm not sure what I'm making yet. It will be something baked with red salmon.
  • Tidy front veranda
  • Have dinner
  • Clean up
  • Shower
  • Read in bed

I finished off my kitchen curtains yesterday - the curtains started last November. The final piece was to make a top for them. I decided on red and white gingham, to match the curtains close by, and have edged it with a piece of white cotton and lace. I'm very pleased with the end result which is in the photo above. Although it did take its own sweet time to complete, I now have kitchen curtains that give me the sweet satisfaction of a home seamstress and make me smile when I see them.

I have been receiving some of the most thoughtful gifts recently from women who read my blog. It does my heart good to see generosity and kindness in others but I feel a bit embarrassed to receive gifts for something I love doing and feel is one of my duties to continue on with. I think we should all share what we know with others so we keep the skills of simple living alive and know we aren't alone in our own endeavours.

Yesterday I received a parcel containing an ABC local radio shopping bag, a calendar of recipes and a sweet note from Lisa at the Tin House. Lisa interviewed me for her radio program a couple of months ago and the gift is a token of thanks for that. Last week I received some tomato seeds from Mary and a set of DVDs of the program "It's not easy being green" from Annet. Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and generosity. I will sent emails to you all today. I'm sorry I haven't done it before now but life got in the way. Annet, I haven't watched the DVDs yet but hope to tomorrow.

I appreciate the comments many of you leave, I think they add a lot to this blog. Hello to all the new visitors, thanks for stopping by.



  1. Hi Rhonda Jean,
    Are they really ordinary days or what life is really all about? These are days that renourish my spirit.

  2. Rhonda,

    Your curtains are wonderful! I was wondering if I missed them finished on another post.

    Lists are great! I try to make a list every morning. I sometimes get everything done and there are other days I just have to carry over some chores.

    Rhonda, Thank you, Thank you!



  3. The curtains are very pretty! :)

  4. I am a new viewer. Thanks for the welcome. It is shocking to me that there is actually someone out there who is living life the way I secretly want to. Just don't have the courage yet I'm afraid but I will keep reading!

  5. Hi Rhonda Jean,

    Your curtains look so nice! The embroidery you did is such a nice look and really make them your own.
    I have so much to clean up and organize in my home I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Your posts are so helpful and encouraging.



  6. Hi Rhonda Jean,

    Your curtains look really wonderful. I was going to say they look very professional, but ther're better than that because it has so much more meaning when you've put a lot of time and energy into something yourself. I hope you get a kick out of it every time you look at them. I'm sure I would; they're beautiful.

    Your post yesterday on finding home could'nt have been said better. I appreciate so much being able to read about the things that I've felt in my own heart to be true. I's amazing to me how often I encounter contrary attitudes in friends and family. People seem to keep asking me when I'll be getting back to normal! I usually just smile and say this is how I want to live, Which often draws a blank or bewildered look, or less than positive comment. I think I'm lucky. I've got the best job in the world that I could ever want. Finding home, finding meaning in the things I want (or have) to do, surely would be the best explanation. Your putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) is inspiring and gives me confidence that I'm far from alone.

    Hope you have a wonderful ordinary day!

    Regards, Marilyn.

  7. Rhonda,

    I too enjoyed and appreciated your post yesterday about 'finding home'. There is nothing more relaxing than pottering about in your own space and just feeling 'at home.'

    We had our work lunch outing earlier this week, a way for my co-workers to get to know myself and the other new co-worker who have recently joined the organization. I was asked what it is I do in my spare time and I'm fairly confident that I am officially 'weird' -- I answered that I knit, cook, bake and eagerly looking forward to learning to sew. I suspect not the answers they were expecting from a researcher -- maybe they thought I own a summer camp, or attend conferences, or am working on my PHd dissertation. Though quite frankly, it felt good to say that's what I do in my spare time :)


  8. Your curtains are very sweet! I love simple, fresh things!! A bit warmer here in Nebraska today but the cold is coming back. It will be down into the single digits this weekend! Still dreaming of summer! Take care.


  9. Rhonda,

    Well done!! Those curtains are out-of-this world. They immediately say "home" and make you feel all warm and cozy.I'm sure one couldn't help but smile when they see them! They sure made me smile. You must have a wonderful sense of satisfaction in seeing them in your minds eye and bringing them to life.

    Thanks for every wonderful blog. It's nice to know there are others who feel passionate about the same things.


  10. I love your curtains too. I'm thinking something like that would like far more inviting and warm than the wooden blinds on my kitchen window. Something to consider I think.

  11. Hi Rhonda
    I have come across so many women who want to stay at home and do what you have done, but because of hefty mortgages they have to go out to work but if they took stock of what they spend, on 2nd car expenses, child care payments, clothing for work, shoes, makeup, haircuts, maybe manicures, lunches etc they would find that they wouldn't have much left over. My daughter her name is Rhonda also did the exercise (she was working) and calculated how much it was costing her and it worked out that she was only losing $14.00 per week so she will finish her job at the end of this month.

  12. Hi Rhonda,

    Joanne from Dubbo. Just getting around to giving you a suggestion about dishwasher alternatives. There is a product called Herbon available in our health food shop here which is all natural and does as good a job as Finish. There is another brand called Natural Instincts which I found left the glasses cloudy. We are on tank water. I buy it on the once a month 20% day off special and pay about $8. (cant give exact price as I am at work, if you want it I can look it up) Do you use your dishwasher everyday? We are a family of four (kids 5 and 3) and only put it on every second day approx but we also have hand washing everynight to do the things that we dont put in the dishwasher.

    Love your blog, have become an addicted fan after having the unge to go back to the simple life.

  13. It certainly was unbelievable how quickly that storm passed over yesterday. It lasted less than 5 minutes here at Caboolture.

    I think the idea of writing a list is great. I often have great plans when I wake up in the morning, but spend the day wandering from thing to thing and achieving little. A list would probably help in that regard.


  14. I love your curtains. I love your blog. You sound a lot like me. Of course, you sound a lot smarter than me. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Thank you so much for having a blog. I found you through another blog and I have been reading for a few weeks now. You have truely inspired me to evaluate the way I live and do things. I waste a lot and it is embarassing to admit. I hope with your suggestions and me being committed, I will be able to change all of that. So thank you again and I hope you continue to blog. :)

  16. I posted my Tea Cosy today. Just in time. Can't wait to get mine back :)

    And lists are my saviour, well at least to keep organised.


  17. Hi Rhonda, your curtains are just wonderful, so fresh looking! As usual, I have loved catching up with your wise words :-)

    I have also tagged you for an Archive Meme, in which you share the links to your favourite posts for the benefit of new readers.

    Cheers, Julie

  18. I just wanted to add my agreement. The curtains are lovely. I think they came out beautifully. Another great simple blog. Thanks. :-)

  19. The curtains look great Rhonda! More than worth all the hard work you have put into them :)
    O love lists and find it too a great way to get things done.
    Your post about "finding home" really sums up what I am trying to do....babysteps :))

  20. how pretty and cheery your curtains look! i just finished some of my own AND a skirt that goes around my bottom cupboards! my old worn out cupboards sooo need replaced but i gave them a "facelift" instead and saved really big $$. i'm soooo pleased with the effect!
    thanks for being such an inspiration!

  21. Hi Rhonda,
    I love the checked curtain with the white lace ~ looks lovely!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

  22. The curtains look wonderful! You did a great job, Rhonda. Have a wonderful weekend.


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