1 November 2007

Thank you

I read back through some old comments this afternoon. Some days I don't have a chance to do that and it's something I must do everyday. I'm going to reorganise myself so that I can review my blog every afternoon.

Anyhow, the reason for this post is to thank you, all my readers, for the love and kindness you express in your comments. In particular, the comments in last month's "Me, in a nutshell" were so loving and sweet, it made me realise yet again why I so enjoy writing in this way. It does get a bit frantic fitting it all in some days, but even on those days, I have to tell you, my friends, you all make it worthwhile and a joy for me.

Thank you all for your grace and for extending the hand of friendship my way.


  1. It really is a joy to read your blog each day :) Thank you for sharing your life with us.
    PS thanks for getting me an apron swap apartner at the last minute :)

  2. Lis said that so well, it is a joy to read your blog each day, I have learned so much from you and been so encouraged. You are not only a generous person Rhonda Jean, you are a generous writer, we all can't help but respond to the heart that is so clearly shown in each and every post.
    Thank you.

  3. THANK YOU for sharing your life, your wealth of knowledge and a part of yourself with us every day!!! You keep me inspired & educated & confident that I will reach the goals we have set. I look forward to and read your posts daily (sometimes twice!). It also gives me a glimpse of life on the other side of the world & I love that!!! ((HUGS)) to you Rhonda!

    in central Illinois

  4. And thank you for the generosity of your blog!

    (Oh, just read previous comments and they said something to that too -- so must be true, eh?!)

    Gives a crazy odd sleeper something quiet to do in the dark, wee hours of the morning without turning on all the lights -- and from comments by others, see walking the simple life is not quite so alone!


  5. Rhonda Jean-You can set blogger to email you when you get a new comment-that way when you check your email every day you'll see what new comments you have. This is especially great when you get comments on an old post that you might not think to go back and check.

  6. Thank you for sharing so freely with us!
    You are an inspiration to me!

  7. Dearest Rhonda Jean;

    I look forward to reading your blog everyday! I have learned so much from your posts. It has definately encouraged me to use my resources wisely.

    But I also believe that the reason I keep reading your posts is because that you write as if you were talking to me directly. Your knowledge is straight forward, encouraging, urging us to be aware, to plan ahead, to become wise in how we run our lives.

    Thank you for taking the time to teach us. Thank you for sharing your life, your moments, your wisdom.


    Maria S.

  8. Hello Rhonda.

    I too read your blog every day and although most things are not new to me as they are maybe to some younger readers, you have motivated me to do some things I have always meant to do when ' I have time' !!! I have always meant to sew napkins-now done- and a table cloth-pending- for years and make sourdough -pending your post- and somethings I never thought I would do - like knit dishcloths. And you have made me improve on others like stock piling and money management. The two things that you have said that have inspired me most to move forward is ' To live a deliberate life' and 'steps, small steps forward'.
    I wonder what you will give me tomorrow to do !!! Thanks for all your inspriration, words and the time you give us all.


  9. Rhonda, I love visiting your blog. I'm learning so much from you. Surely I can't pass by without letting you know this :)

  10. Rhonda-it is really wonderful to come to your blog each day and learn something new orlearn something about you. You are a gentle and engaging writer and I look forward to your pasts each day. Thankyou for sharing your ideas and your life with us and also for giving us a little kick in the behind every so often as we try to make our lives a little simpler and more respectful of God's earth. Sharon

  11. Hi Rhonda Jean. I read your blog every day. We are about the same age and are interested in similar things. Our spread, however, is 70+ acres...too big for us but not selling due to poor market. I keep hens and have a small garden. I'm really wishing for some small Nigerian Dwarf goats (2 to 4) for milk. Had full sized goats three years ago but they were too productive and big! Love that fresh milk though. Anyway your blog is great. Thanks for writing it. Jan

  12. Hi Rhonda,
    I endorse the previous comments, we have a verysimilar outlook and ideas on life and we are in the same age bracket, you express yourself extremely well. i have decided to do up a folder for each of may 3 daughers and for my 3 daughers in law with some of these ideas and a lot of mine, with lots of how to dos, as my daughters were all taught to do a lot of the simple things but have forgotten how in their busy sporting, working and now family lives and it is now time to remind them. My eldest daughter Susan, who has just given birth to her 4th child is really looking forward to it.
    Keep up the good writings and the joy and we will all here with you.

  13. Rhonda, I think its all been said in these posts. Again THANK YOU. I too am learning so much from this blog. Marlo

  14. Like the other commenters, I would like to thank you for taking time every day to give us your thoughts and expertise on living simply. Just reading your blog is a way for me to calm my nerves when it seems that there is too much stuff going on in my life. It reminds me to take a breath and focus on what's important. Thanks again.


  15. Thank you all for your kindness, again. You are such a wonderful group of women, it does my heart good to have contact with you all.

    Jenn, thank for the tip about the emails. : )


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