8 November 2007
I am having a wonderful day. I am alone here today, it's just me with the dogs and chooks. Hanno is off having some medical tests done and will then go to pick up our new kitchen appliances.

I love being alone and haven't been for the longest time. My only alone time now is when I drive back and forth to my job. Today was a real treat for me.

And it's been raining. : )

This morning I took my tea out to the verandah and watched the rain fall, and I thought about how my life has be changed in the past few years. I was sitting here smiling like the Cheshire Cat when the phone rang so I talked to Kathleen for about 15 mintues. She's in Perth this week and we talked while she took the train from Perth to Fremantle.

I spent the morning after that on my aprons. I am doing them as a pair - I cut one out, I cut the other; I cut the ties for one, then the other. All I have to do now is the hemming and I'm done. It's been a real pleasure working on them. I love the fabrics I chose and how they all fell together with few hiccoughs and NO mistakes. : )))

I have just had a sandwich for lunch and another cup of tea and soon I'll prepare a tuna casserole for dinner and tidy the kitchen. Then I'm going to sort through some quilt material until it's time to serve our evening meal.

We decided this morning that we will remove our peach and nectarine trees. I'm really sad about this but know it's for the best. We've had a terrible trouble with fruit fly this year and they are all coming for the peaches and nectarines. Unfortunately they are stinging the tomatoes too. We didn't have fruit fly at all in our garden till we planted those trees and even though they're only in their second year, they'll have to go. The chooks will have a feast on the fruit that we'll probably strip off tomorrow.

I also wanted to thank my lovely readers for ordering your books, DVDs and CDs through my amazon ad. I forgot to look at it until just now and there's almost $10 in commissions there, so thank you for being so thoughtful.


  1. Hi Rhonda Jean :) What a lovely day! I am so glad that you had some time, and it sounds like you really enjoyed it, too.

    This season in my life doesn't really have a place for days all to myself - lol! But it is a fun and blessed time, and I wouldn't change a thing ;)

    I hope that Hanno is well. Love to you! Q

  2. hello Quinne. I should have added that Hanno is okay. He's just been having trouble with some heartburn so the doctor suggested he have some test to rule out anything nasty. He's fine.

    I have to tell you Quinne, I love getting comments from you as you always sound so cheerful. Your comments always make me smile, no matter what you write. So thank you. I hope your children enjoy the popsicles. : )

  3. Sad about the fruit trees....happy that nothing serious with Hanno.
    I'm thinking that apron sewing will be priority number one next I, too, love days alone every once in a while, but not toooo often!
    blessings, friend

  4. Rhonda,

    I am still going to try to buy one of your favorite books. We haven't had a pay day yet:) The budget is also so tight.

    You sound like you had a wonderful day! Good for you:)



  5. I'm so sorry I couldn't participate in the apron swap. I'm so busy currently that I felt it wouldn't be safe to promise I'd do it. Anyway, I'm working on my first apron now and it's such a pleasure.

  6. It is wonderful to have the house to yourself once in a while. Sometimes my DH has a show to do on a Saturday and I make full use of the that day to re energize myself.
    Glad you had a great day and glad that Hanno is well.


  7. What a shame about your fruit trees Rhonda. Do fruit flies go for all fruit trees up where you are or are there some you can still have in your garden?

    I love alone time too and while K is still working I have plenty of it :-) My sisters can't believe that I'm not bored but I find there isn't enough time in the day for all the things I like to do including just sitting on the verandah with a cup of tea listening to the birds in the garden.


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