30 November 2007

Slowly returning to normal

I hope you didn't think I'd jumped ship. The house was a shambles when I woke up yesterday, then when I sat down to my computer to write, I couldn't connect to the internet (Hanno had disconnected everything to move the desk), so I decided to post from work and started tidying up. Yes, I had yet another day at work yesterday. I've been there every day this week so far, and will go back again today for our annual general meeting, where I have to deliver my report for the year. I worked alone yesterday and it was very busy, so I didn't get a chance to post and when I got home, after looking at the 72 emails waiting, I couldn't face it. I was too tired, so I ate my dinner and crashed into bed.

That all sounds pretty miserable and I have really good news. Even though we've yet to cook in it, the kitchen is almost back. As you can see from the picture above, it's almost complete but we still have no running water. The gas fitter connected the cook top yesterday, the electricians were here till 6.30pm last night and the plumber will be here this morning. When he goes, it's almost there. There are some broken tiles to replace, the skirting boards aren't down yet and the lower kitchen cupboards are still empty, but my kitchen is almost ready to work in. I am so pleased.

The curtains are finished and when the plumber goes I'll hang them, then we'll start bringing back everything that has been stored all over the house for the past couple of weeks. This is a good day! My sincere thanks to everyone for all the good wishes that have come in. I love these long distant embraces of support and friendship. And to Sharon and Lucy, the aprons arrived! Lucy's on Wednesday and Sharon's yesterday. I'll email you both this morning. Wow, what a lucky woman I am. And I just have to tell everyone that Lucy used EXCACTLY the same red and white check (I'm guessing hers was from Ikea too), that I used for my curtains and for her apron. LOL Great minds. : ) Sharon sent two beautiful aprons that I adore, I'll post pictures soon. Thank you ladies.

The eggs arrive tomorrow and I'll definitely do a post about them, and how they arrived. In the meantime, I'd better get on with organising my kitchen because I intend cooking our dinner there tonight and baking bread tomorrow. These past couple of weeks have been far removed from the simple life I wish to live. Hopefully things will return to my version of normal next week, and while Hanno and I enjoy the benefits of our new floor and kitchen, I will continue posting about our wonderful life together. : )

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