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21 November 2007
Is this every man's dream? The fridge next to the armchair, facing the TV.
We survived another day without a kitchen, and with cupboards and appliances sitting on the back verandah. Actually it hasn't been too bad and the only thing I'm really missing is my filtered water tap. There is water in the tap but I never drink our unfiltered tap water. I thought we were preparing for two days without the filter, and filled the pottery crock Tricia gave me before the taps were removed. It's now less than half full. I thought we were pretty good with our water but let me tell you we are being even more thrifty with it now. We are pouring the remains in the water bottles into the electric jug and drinking full glasses of water; no drinking water is being thrown on the garden, into pot plants or down the drain. It has shown me that no matter how much you monitor your usage in a normal day, there is always room for improvement. I don't have to work today so later in the morning I'm going to boil some rainwater from the tank and add that to the crock.
Tea and toast bar.
When you think about it, you can cut back on the length of showers, turn off the tap when you brush your teeth, do less washing in an energy and water efficient washing machine, but you can't cut back on the amount of water you drink. We always try for two litres each a day, plus what we drink in our tea. So I guess we need about six litres of drinking water a day. While I was at work, I drank the spring water that's at the Centre. I also filled up my water bottle before I came home, but that's all gone now and soon we'll be relying on our rainwater to keep us healthy and hydrated.

Here is Rosie checking out the old oven which has been plopped next to the cupboards on the back verandah.
This is another instance where something unexpected happened and what we have stored here has seen us through. I think it was Lisa who asked recently about stockpiling water. Here is your answer, Lisa. It's essential.
The new stove on the left, next to the old stove, both sitting on the back verandah.
I prepared enough food for two days without the kitchen. Today is day three. I'll have to come up with something for us to eat today and tomorrow and although I have no doubt we'll eat well, I know I'll have trouble finding everything I need. That is another lesson learned - pack a box of easy to prepare foods, no matter now quickly you think everything will return to normal. Oh well, I'm sure we'll survive. At least we have food in the house, which is more than millions of people throughout the world can say. Lis and Christine suggested a post about what we're eating this week so when the kitchen is back and everything is back to normal, I'll write about it.

Thank you for stopping by today and welcome all the new people who are reading my blog.


  1. Sounds like you are doing okay Rhonda as I knew you would. One of the ideas I had was to use my bbq or my slow cooker to prepare meals, both don't need a kitchen.
    Speaking of cooking I got my apron in the mail yesterday form my swap partner Tracy. It is too beautiful :) Am I the first?

  2. Hello Lis, I reckon it does us all good to undergo a bit of hardship at times. We'll be fine. I received an email from a reader yesterday saying she just received her apron, so I guess you're the second. I've posted mine.

    I meant to add in the post that we have bottled water stockpiled but we'll keep that in the cupboard because we can use the rainwater.

  3. Rhonda,

    Do you have two dogs? Rosie seems to be on every shot!

    Revolution then evolution? Or is it the other way round?

    Keep on keeping on,


  4. I am glad that you prepared enough food for 2 days. i am sure you will be so happy when you have a brand new kitchen. Blessings, Rose

  5. hfxhqkenHi Rhonda Jean
    You impress me with how organised you are....I don't think very far ahead and would have been having take-aways by now. Although these days I don't like the idea of take-aways.
    I am hoping that your kitchen turns out wonderful

  6. My kitchen still looks like a war zone but hopefully it will soon be finished. I can at least use my stove. I received my apron swap package from Coleen and put mine in the mail to her today.Thanks for letting me be part of a fun swap!

  7. hi im your regular reader. i can see you have a new pic. you look fresh here and younger than your real age.

  8. It will only make you appreciate things more when they are back to normal. You and Hanno are officially invited to supper, about 6 ok? (Wouldn't that be lovely)

  9. I can see only one problem, the fridge is facing the wrong way, so one would need to lean forward out of the chair to get into the fridge :-)

    Hope life returns to normal soon for you, though having such a change imposed upon you always makes life interesting!

  10. Looks like fun. I've never lived in the midst of renovations, but I know moving can be fun, when I haven't unpacked the food items or the appliances that I need. I like your idea of the box of easy to prepare food, you just have to remember where you put it.

  11. fridge....reclining armchair....tv....cricket! lol xxx

  12. My hubbie's dream-- just make sure there is a soccer game on the TV!!Sharon

  13. Gosh, brings back memories. We did the kitchen thing about seven years ago. Last year we replaced the kitchen floor (kept getting big holes in it!) which involved pulling the kitchen out, replacing the floor, then putting it all back. The whole process took about two weeks DIY. Sooo disruptive. Had to walk around the outside of the house and in the back door to use the toilet/bathroom! Cooking for seven wasn't too bad as we have a gas hotplate thingy on our BBQ, very useful for cooking pasta and rice.We had lots of main meal salads too. Good luck! You'll love your new kitchen.

  14. Hi Rhonda,

    Another one from the Moneysaving expert forum!

    Just to say I love your blog and will be a regular visitor. I've just moved to France and am starting up a smallholding.

    Can't aford to go 'green' in the commercial way - you know buy all that energy saving extra equipment (consumerism is amazing isn't it!), thaznk goodness. So like you it's going back to basics and the thing I find most difficult - planning.

    I do hope you can keep up the blog, I only manage mine every 2 weeks or so, it's that planning thing again plus lots of work to do here.

    All the best and hope the kitchen is fixed soon, it's the hub of the home.


  15. Hi Rhonda. I found your site yesterday and spent ages reading. I have been making efforts to change my lifestyle recently (maybe its something that comes at a certain age)and I found loads of inspiration. I will log on every day and catch up a month at a time. I have not done any knitting recently and now I have the urge to knit. Of course its winter here in England and a nice wooly scarf would be a good place to start. Thanks, Eileen.

  16. Rhonda, I know you guys will make it with honor ;) Keep us posted!

  17. hello everyone. Thank you for commenting.

    Ann, yes I do have two Airedales. Alice is always on the move and rarely stays still long enough for a photo. I'll see if I can get one of both of them together.

    Niki, I'd love to take you up on that dinner invitation. Maybe one day. : )

    Geoff, only a man would notice the fridge was faced the "wrong" way. LOL

    Lisa and Sharon, cricket or soccer are only two sports Hanno watches. He really likes having the fridge next to his chair. ; )

    dnd and elieen, welcome.

    Hello Anna!


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