2 November 2007

Our routines

I've been thinking about the post I'll do tomorrow. I need your help with it. I want to write a post about how we're all different, yet all similar. I need you to write out, in list form, your daily routine. If it changes each day, I just want one day's list of what you do in a normal day, from when you wake up, until you go to bed at night. If you don't mind, include your town/city or country.

Please send your list to my gmail - the link is over there --------->

Thanks everyone. And now I'm off to start on my apron swap aprons. Life's good. : )


  1. Oh my goodness Routine, I am a totally disorganised Stay at home mum. I struggle with the house work, as i find it completly overwhelming, I never know where to start, and it drives me completly mad, deciding where to put 2 or 3 hundred things everyday, even though most of them have places to go. The things i do routinely are get up and go to bed, everything else happens according to need to guilt. Though to my credit, everybody is well fed with good food made from scratch, i make my childrens, and my own clothes, everyone is happy and lots of creative stuff happens.
    So my day could look like this,

    -Get up before everyone else, have a coffee check emails, Cook Breakfast, make lunches, do Kids hair generally supervise, send them to school (they walk)
    -Have a shower, decisions about what to wear, generaly end up in jeans of black dress, Get next child ready for Kindy, put on a load of washing, Go to Kindy, hang out a while, come home, look at mess, through my arms up in the air, and check the computer again.
    -start washing up, half finsish it, hang out washing, make a few calls, more work on washing up. do floors make decisions about where to put things, general despair. thinking about dinner.
    -Spend some time painting sewing or doing volunteer stuff.
    -Kids home, more food more tidying, fight with kids about tidying. Kid time.
    -Do dinner, share meal with Hubby and Kids, basic kitchen tidy.
    Day over, time reading, crafts, hubby.
    The whole place is this gigantic organic evolving thing, that i totally struggle to keep up with.
    I am desperate for help in taming my self, now its back to the washing up. Thanks Jacky

  2. oh dear, Jacky. That sounds very stressful. I hope you read tomorrow and hopefully pick up a few hints on how to make the most of your days.

    Thank you for sharing. : )

  3. forgot to add my city and country to email
    Fayetteville, USA
    and that I talk to hubby several times during the day as he is on the road most of the time so we use the phone to plan things that need to be done around the homestead and just to catch up on each others day

  4. wake up 6am and The first thing I do when I get up is put the washing on have a shower while Im showering husband makes the bed, he showers while I put the kettle on for a cup of tea.
    Get dressed have a cuppa watch the morning news. Make breakfast with the help of husband eat breakfast load the dishwasher, make the lunches, hang out the washing get meat out for tea go off to work with husband I am a Real Estate PA and I work with my husband. Work all day then get home at around 3pm get in the washing prepare tea. cook tea at 4pm eat tea at 4.45pmClean up load the dishwasher turn on the dishwasher get ready for our night time job which is commercial cleaning. My husband and myself have been cleaning the same building for the past 25 years along with 2 other staff members we own the commercial cleaning business too. Get home at around 8.30pm do the daily iron and watch a bit of TV and head off to bed at around 11pm. We do this 5 days a week and work 1/2 day saturday with the real estate and on sunday I do the house work while husband does the lawns and gardens.

  5. sorry forgot to say where I am from I am from New Zealand in a place called Mt Maunganui which is a booming seaside town and at the same time I have been working we have also raised 5 children

  6. Rhonda,
    I emailed our routine to your gmail account. I hope it arrives safely.


  7. I emailed you but wrote it in paragraph form. OOPS! Sorry for not following directions.

  8. Hi Rhonda,
    I missed the boat on this one, bu I'm looking forward to seeing your post when I get home form work this afternoon. I'm curious as to which pattern you are using for your aprons - you had so many links I can decide what my beginner sewing skills might be capable of - or maybe I should purchase a pattern?
    Any thoughts?

  9. Lisa, as usual I am doing the most simple of patterns. If you've ever bought an apron, that is the sort I'm making. Just the tape hooked around the neck and a tie at the waist. I'm putting in a big pocket because I find that really helpful on my own aprons. Although I'm making simple aprons,I spent some time on fabric selection, I asked my partners their colour preference or visited their blogs and tried to find out what they would like without actually asking them. I am embellishing them in a special way and spending some time doing that. Good luck with yours.

  10. no more routines please, I have plenty. : )


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