5 November 2007

Changes to comments

I have had to change to comment moderation because someone ranted in one of the comment boxes. Naturally it was from an anonymous person. I'm sorry that this will hold up comments being shown but I will not allow that kind of comment on my blog.


  1. Rhonda, I am so sorry to hear that somebody did that. I always enjoy reading your blog and the comments. A great part of that enjoyment is the acceptance and helping hand that you offer to everyone. Please continue with your informative and enjoyable blogs.


  2. I can fully understand you doing that ~ it's just a shame that it's necessary....

  3. thats too bad, I have my moderation control on as well for the same reason....it's a real pity we have to have these controls in place

  4. UGH, it's always one suffering soul to ruin it for others! I know I haven't commented for awhile but wanted to let you know I read daily and am always in awe of all your wisdom. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Rhonda,

    Oh, no! Not you too! My heart is heavy this morning reading your post. This has been happening to many of my blogging friends. Do you have the option to not allow an anonymous comment?

    What happened to the idea of "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all?" Am I just old fashioned? Will my children be eaten alive when they go out into the world because of the lessons I am teaching them about being kind, fair, honest, humble, loving, respectful and forgiving?

    For so long, I have hoped to find someone just like you. Someone who can guide me with their wisdom and lead me with their gentleness. Women like yourself and Jewels have been such an inspiration for myself and so many others.

    Since finding both your blog and Eyes of Wonder, I have been inspired to make such wonderful changes in my home and more importantly in my heart. I have found a peace in my heart that I had long ago lost, but have been able to rediscover. I am a better mother, wife and friend because of the women that I have never had a chance to meet in person, but who have touched my heart and soul from far away places.

    Thank you for everything you are and are willing to share so openly and freely!


  6. That's too bad... But you've got to keep us in line! Fearful, as I've left a rant or two here, myself! ;-)

    Rhonda Jean, I linked to your blog in my post today. Don't figure you'll get much traffic from it, but thought I ought to let you know anyway. And thanks much for paying me a visit yesterday!

  7. Aww... that's sad. Yes, people in this world are crazy. Glad you had a great weekend, or so it seems :)

  8. Oh, dear. I'm so sorry this happened. But for every wandering curmudgeon there are 100 of us who love to visit, and only wish well...

  9. Rhonda,

    You do what you need to do:) I just hate that mean people spoil good things.

    Thank you for not letting it get to you:) I can't wait until the next post!



  10. I can hardly believe anyone could find anything negative to comment on your blog except the usual envious comments most of us post! Sorry you've had a nasty.

    I'm making progress with my apron after much indecision about what style to go for and hope to be completed in plenty of time

    Best wishes

  11. Some people are threatened by a good thing. Don't stop. There are many more of us who agree and love what you have to say. Keep up the wonderful work, living and writing!

    -Anna L.D.

  12. Rhonda, I've had comment moderation for a long time now. I wish I could turn it off. But every week, I get rants, nasty argumentative comments, and even personal insults. Those typically come from anonymous people who won't stand behind what they say. I considered eliminating anonymous comments altogether, but many of them are so wonderful that I couldn't bring myself to do that. So I stick with comment moderation. It's a bit tedious, but without it, I know discussions would get out of hand.

  13. Ya gotta wonder about the tolerance threshold (and lack of better things to do...) of someone who would find something negative to rant about here -- enough to go out of their way to actually write it out.

  14. That's perfectly understandable Rhonda Jean. I'm sorry that you had to experience that but glad that it won't keep you from continuing your blog. :-)

  15. Thank you, ladies. I truly appreciate every word written. I'm not put off by cowards who rant, I'm a tough old bird. So don't worry about me closing down, it would take a thousand armies to get me out of here. : )

  16. Rhonda,
    I am so sorry to hear someone was so nasty. I can't imagine anyone leaving a neg. comment, you're so uplifting and so very helpful.
    Hope you have a great day.

  17. A note to anyone thinking of making anonymous comments unable to be left on your blog, when you do, those of us without Blogger accounts are considered "anonymous" and we can't leave positive feedback. There have been several times I have wanted to say something nice, but couldn't.
    On that same note, I have comment moderation enabled on my WP site due to spammers and illicit material being left. Sigh. Where has all the civility gone?

  18. don't worry Kamrin. I'm not going to disable the anonymous comments. Actually it will give me a lot of satisfaction to delete the negative ones without them ever seeing the light of day. : )

  19. Rhonda,
    I love your fortitude and strength of character in response to an attack...fighting 1000 armies. I'm glad you have not banned anonymous comments because many of us do not have a blog and love to comment, however infrequent at times. I suppose I am not inspired enough yet to create a blog. There are bloggers and then there are those who love reading blogs but would never blog.
    Thanks again for being inspirational and a model of strength!

  20. What a shame to have any sort of negative posts on this wonderful blog. But anyway the situation is sorted, do what you need to do and I look forward to reading all your wonderful posts. PS you really have to feel sorry for grumps dont you? Marlo

  21. Rhonda jean,

    What a shame...There is always a person that has to use this kind of venue to vent their unhappy and nasty attitudes.

    I am glad that you are not discouraged and that you will not stop blogging.

    As always your wisdom is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Maria S.

  22. I'm glad of your blog Rhonda Jean and, to look on the bright side, this 'attack' on your blog has encouraged me, and several others, by the look of it to come out of hiding and let you know that you are so very much appreciated.

    My mind boggles at what there might be on here to rant about... there is much in the blog world that is contentious but ginger beer and home-made aprons??? For goodness sake!

    Anyway, this note is really by way of a thank you for this little gem of a blog that found its way onto my favourites list just last week xx

  23. It really is said that there are so many angry and unhappy people out ther. All we can do is pity them and pray for them. Keep on blogging and helping all of us trying to get back to a simpler way of life-it is a true joy to read your blog! Sharon


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