12 January 2018

Weekend reading

I send warm wishes to my friends in California where deadly mudslides have cause such heartache.  Indeed, wherever you are in the world, if you're experiencing bad weather, I feel for you. Last week it was 47.6C in New South Wales, near where my sister lives. It hit the people living there badly but the wildlife suffered too with many bats dead and koalas needing help and water.  If you're living around the Penrith area, or any other place with hot weather last week, I hope you're okay and getting back to normal.  I fear we're only just seeing the first of what climate change will do.

Thanks to everyone who wrote about their own experiences with organising on Monday and Wednesday. It helps all of us when we share our own stories and know we're part of a community.  The second instalment of The Simple Home will be waiting for you on Monday. 

Thanks for your visits this week. Oh, and welcome to all the newbies who turned up to help us discover the ins and outs of organising our homes.  Have a good weekend.  💗

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