23 January 2018

Two copies of The Simple Home to win

Good morning friends. The lovely Ben at Penguin has given me two The Simple Home books to give away.  I'll give one away in June and the other in December. They'll go to two readers of my blog who consistently make interesting or helpful comments on The Simple Home month-by-month posts.  My memory isn't the best lately so I've got my handy notebook here at the computer now and I'll be making notes over the months.  Hanno said he'll help too, so between us we'll decide who will win the books.

I wrote The Simple Home as a sister book to Down to Earth and poured myself into both of them. All the bits and pieces that wouldn't fit into Down to Earth are there - all the significant life-changing events and the small and simple tasks that make up our lives. The Simple Home contains many of the ordinary things we do here every day that make the life we live so unique. There is nothing fancy on those pages, it's normal day-to-day stuff that has been carried on for many years but it's all in a modern context and, I hope, explained in a way that will encourage you to try it too.  

So keep commenting, or start if you haven't so far, and not only will you be connecting with the many like-minded souls who read this blog, you might also win a copy of the book.  xx

ADDED LATER: I know some of you don't know how to get a name to comment under and some have tried but it didn't work but I want you to be in this too.  If you comment as "anonymous", you'll have to put your name in every post so I know who you are; so Barb from NYC, Trudy from Germany or Mary from Victoria will help me identify you.  Thanks!

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