7 January 2018

Getting ready for tomorrow

I thought I'd write a post to introduce my main 2018 project of strolling through The Simple Home book. It's almost two years since it was published. Back then, I had plans to go through the book online with my old buddy Rose. Sadly, Rose became ill and died on 10 January last year and it's taken all this time to even consider the project again. 

Christmas day lunch with my family.

Non-fiction books, particularly those which propose change, can sometimes be confusing allies. On the one hand they might lead you forward with absolute certainty and on the other hand, they might create confusion, doubt and, sometimes, guilt. I hope that by walking with you through my book it helps clarify your ideas about simplifying and how to use the book to build or modify your version of a simple life. Together, I'm sure we can go through the year, month by month, looking at each topic and discussing not just my ideas but yours as well.

Above: spicy tomato relish was made to enjoy with cold meats on Christmas day.
Below: I used some of this summer's crop of elderberries to make cordial

I've said many times that my way of living isn't for everyone, it's just the way I do it. My way might suit you, it might not, so I'm hoping that this project will show you various ways of building a simple life that will suit how you want to live. There is no right or wrong way to do this. We're all different, even those who are at the same stage as you. At any age you can be single or partnered, have children or not, own a home or rent, go out to work or work at home, be in good health or have health issues, have money in the bank or live week-to-week, be interested in growing food and keeping chooks or not have time nor interest in it. There are so many variables and all of them alter how we live. We all need to work out where are are at, what we want and how to identify the changes we need to make to live the life we want. I am hoping that this project and the collective thoughts and ideas that come from it will help you discover how to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Christmas day desserts. (Photo by Sarndra Hetzel)

I hope to do a Simple Home post on four Mondays of each month. That will enable me to break each chapter down into manageable segments and establish a post where you can add your ideas or ask questions as we go through topic by topic. However, a year is a long time to make any sort of commitment like that so if I miss a Monday, the post might just come later in the week or I'll make up for it the following week. At the moment I can tell you that I'm having cataracts removed some time in February and I'm not sure if that will affect my blog writing. I don't think it will but at least you know it might. When everything is going well, a post will be there on four Mondays of each month.

Hopefully you will contribute too. I know it's easier to just sit and read but I believe that being part of a community gives us all the opportunity to become good neighbours and to develop and demonstrate generosity, kindness and productivity. If you see a question or ideas posted by another reader, get involved and help if you can by replying in the comments section. We all have our own points of view. What I say might help some people, what you say might help others.  So don't be shy, become more than an onlooker, connect with the other readers and we'll all benefit.
I'll see you tomorrow. 😊

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