20 January 2018

Knitting and being inspired by other bloggers

It's heart warming to see knitters around the world clicking away on their projects and taking a photo  or two so we can enjoy their work from so far afield.  In the past week, I've enjoyed Alicia at Posie get Cosy who always produces such fine work, Annette at My Rose Valley with her beautiful, soft crochet and I love what Tonya at Plain and Joyful Living says about how we choose to spend whatever money we have. It's a diverse and interesting group we have online and I am very thankful that these women, and many others, choose to share their lives and their craft work with us. I'm motivated to pick up my needles when I see their work and I admire the steady stream of garments they produce. I'm working on my annual gifts list so I'm knitting too although soon I'll try my hand at crochet, again.  

Currently I'm working on a shell pink jacket for a new born, the daughter of my editor on Down to Earth and The Simple Home books. I'm using Blue Sky Organic Cotton Worsted in 10 ply that has been sent to me by one of my sponsors, Salahan at Ecoyarns. It's chunky yarn, very soft, lovely to handle, easy to knit and it comes in a range of beautiful colours.  In the photo above I've just finished the collar of this top down jacket and will, later today, transfer onto long circular needles.  When you check the knitting links above, have a look at Salahan's blog as well. She is a spectacular knitter, she's based much closed to home in Canberra, and she's extremely generous with her knowledge. If you're looking for good quality yarn or needles, check out the Ecoyarns catalogue too.

This is a 5 ply organic cotton which I'm using to make a very soft face cloth.

My other knitting project is a very fine face cloth for an old friend, made with Japanese organic cotton that I've had on hand for a while.  I'll be using the same cotton to crochet around the top of a lamp skirt I'll start making next week.  The lamp skirt is for an old lamp shade I have here, it's not a gift, but I'm pleased to have made a good start on my gift list.  How are you going with yours?

If you're not a year-round knitter, now with summer (or winter) slipping by quickly, it's a good time to plan future projects and start collecting your patterns, yarn and needles. If you've already decided what you'll knit or crochet, I'd love to know what you have planned.

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