10 January 2018

Don't be the one who is still hoping to make changes next year

I've been very pleased to read how you're organising yourselves with the help of various calendars, reminders and organisational tools. It's difficult starting something like this if you've always been disorganised but using the technology you're familiar with, or by using wall planners, paper calendars, notebooks and lists you'll get a good start and hopefully gain some momentum.

I wish I could go around to all your homes and help you see the big picture. The truth is I know that some of you will make it and some won't - the thing that makes the difference is how determined you are to change your life. All I can tell you from here is that by starting to make sense of your home, and working to make it support the kind of family you have, will make a difference to how you live. But you have to work at it. If you sit around wanting change and hoping for your life to be different, absolutely nothing will happen if you don't get up and set your plan in motion. You have to do that, no one can do it for you.

If you've made no changes yet, I hope you get up right now and do something for yourself. Start planning your year and see how it feels. In my experience, everything I did early on in my change, gave me the incentive to make more changes.  I hope the same happens for you because these early adjustments can help you clarify your intention and put you in a position of confidence and self-determination. Don't be the one who is still hoping to make changes next year. Do it now with the rest of us. Good luck, my friends, I send you love and my best wishes for your success.

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