Weekend reading

18 March 2017

I have had a truly wonderful week. There is more separation between me and the internet and I'm hatching plans for the vegetable garden and projects in my home.  It's a very good place to be in. I have the time and inclination to fluff up my nest and it feels like the right thing for us, especially at the beginning of autumn.  Now that I'm spending less time online, I have fewer links to share for my weekend reads. Consequently, I won't be doing weekend reading every week in the coming months, it will be when I have enough links to share. That might be once a month or once a fortnight. I'll just play it by ear. I know this will disappoint some readers but I'm going through a period of transition and change is always a part of that.  The only constant is that my blog will continue.  I enjoy it so much and it is my window into the world and to you, even though that window is shrinking somewhat. 

I hope you enjoy your weekend and, like me, appreciate the changing of the seasons. Thanks for your visits, I'll see you again next week, friends.  ☘️

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