Dentists, shopping and housework

27 March 2017
I have only one photo for you today so I'll lead with that.  After a lot of consideration, I sent in a saliva sample for a DNA profile.  I'm so excited but I'll have to wait because it will be between 6 and 8 weeks before I see the results. I'm having it done through where I have been building my family tree for a number of years. When the result comes back I've given permission to have it matched to other registered members of Ancestry, so I might even find a few new relatives I didn't know about before. I know there are quite a few of you who are interested in genealogy, have you have your DNA profile done?

Thanks for all the feedback on my new template. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me that it's working well for you. Although I'd updated the look of my blog over the years, the template has been unchanged since about 2010. In that time we've seen the introduction of tablets and phones capable of viewing blogs, and it was for that reason I updated to a 2017 template. As usual, I searched for the most simple and uncluttered interface and I made the header myself using It was easy and took less than 5 minutes. My blog is now optimised for viewing on computers, tablets and phones so I hope you have no problems seeing what I want you to see from now on.  

It's going to be a full day for us here.  I took Hanno to the dentist this morning at 7.15 thinking that he would have a tooth extracted. Hanno is on warfarin and had reduced the dosage over the past couple of days.  The dentists wants to be sure of his current reading though so sent him for a blood test this morning and he'll be back in the dentist chair tomorrow for the extraction.  A few years ago Hanno had a tooth removed and he ended up in hospital so we have to be careful. 

Later today I'll drive Shane to the airport and do the grocery shopping on the way home. Hanno and I were going to shop tomorrow but there is a severe tropical cyclone up north and it's predicted to cross the coast just south of Townsville tomorrow morning, then make a left turn, turn into a rain depression and head south - towards us.  So it looks like the week ahead will be very wet and we're hoping to get most of what we have to do done today, Hanno's tooth out tomorrow morning and then we can stay at home, safe and sound.  I hope my fellow Queenslanders, especially those up north, stay safe in the coming hours. Stay at home if you can and keep your family close.

We had a wonderful weekend with Shane, Alex and Eve here. We looked after Eve while Shane and Alex met up with Kerry and Jamie to see the new Lego Batman Movie on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, the movie was booked out and they saw Boss Baby instead.  Alex was all dressed up in his Batman cape and face mask, and he had another cape and mask for Jamie (so cute). I was looking forward to seeing a photo of them sitting there watching the movie.  It's Jamie's birthday on Friday, he'll be six years old. Wow, time flies eh? I'm making a Minecraft cake for him this year. Stay tuned to see how that turns out. 😉

I'd best get a wriggle on. I want to do a few chores before Shane arrives. We have leftovers for lunch so I only have to heat and serve but the rest of the day will be busy. Hopefully I can get through all my plans so we can stay at home most of the day tomorrow.