Gracie news and photos

16 March 2017
So many readers have been asking for more Gracie news and photos. She's seven months old now and she's healthy, active and very mischievous, which seems to be a trait most Scotties have in common.  I think she may have quiet a few crocodile genes because she can eat anything at any time. We've had to stop giving her anything plastic because she chews it up and eats little pieces of plastic. Hanno bought her two frisbees and she demolished one in the first 10 minutes she had it. So that was the last bit of play plastic she'll be given.  Now she has balls, her blankie a couple of old shoes and those rubbery chew toys you can hide food in.

Generally she's a joy to be around and she's very much a people dog. She likes sitting next to either Hanno or me and she'll follow us around as we work, but she's completely happy to sleep by herself in her little bed in the lounge room when we go to bed.
We had her coat stripped back for summer and I think we'll do that every year. She was clipped in November and now her coat, skirt and fluffy legs (her furnishings) are showing signs of growing back to keep her warm in winter.
We had her spayed 5 weeks ago when she was 6 months old. After the operation, she was tired, floppy and off her food for 24 hours, and she didn't lay in her normal frogger mode for about 10 days, but now she's back to normal.
We're still working on her diet. She didn't like the cooked food I made for her when she was a little puppy and she's on a combination of raw chicken wings, tuna and Black Hawke biscuits. Just this week I started giving her the homemade food that I froze and now she likes it. I'll make her some again when it gets a bit colder and she wants something warm.  When I get it sorted out, I'll write a post about what she's eating.

It was a big step for us to go from Airedale Terriers to Scotties but we're so happy we have Gracie. She's a real scallywag and she's keeping us on our toes but maybe that's what we need at the moment. If you're thinking of buying a small dog, Scottish Terriers are hard to find but they are well worth the effort.  They're a great family dog, they love kids and they're very protective of their family. ❤️