Weekend reading

3 March 2017

This week has flown by but I'm getting a lot done and feeling like I have the housework under control again. The weather is changing and every day I see new shoots forming on roses and sage and the seeds I sowed a few days ago have all germinated. We had a short heavy storm which topped up the tanks in about 30 minutes flat, so even if it doesn't rain much in the coming weeks, we have ample water in the tanks for the gardens.

I started a jumper for Alex recently but realised this week that the hanks of cotton I thought I had were a different colour and I can't get any more of the colour I started with.  So while I'm deciding what to do with that project, I've started another one. This time it's a little pink and green cotton dress for my two year old granddaughter. Hopefully I'll finish that in time for her birthday in April.

I hope you have a lovely weekend doing what you love. I'll see you again next week, my friends. ♥︎

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