In Hobart

6 March 2016

Above: The Spirit of Tasmania in Port Melbourne, boarding the ship at 9pm, sunrise over Bass Strait, then a few scenes as we drove to Hobart yesterday.

We had a very smooth crossing over Bass Strait and we're now at our B&B, with Tricia, in Hobart. It's very peaceful here in a secluded valley surrounded by bush land with a large garden.  This morning we're going to Hobart for:

Sunday 6 March
11am Dymocks Hobart, Centrepoint Shopping Centre
Book signing
11.30am Fullers Books, Collins Street
Book signing

After that we'll have lunch somewhere and have a look around. We've been told there's a farmers market somewhere in Hobart so we might find that and buy some really good local food.  The main agenda however it to just relax and take it slow.

Thanks to everyone who send a comment. It's lovely to read snippets from friends when we're so far from home.  xx