Cygnet and Kettering, plus update on shop and library visits

7 March 2016
Stopping for a cuppa on the way to Cygnet and Kettering, south of Hobart.

We're going to Freycinet today on the east coast of the island. It's a beautiful peninsula north of Hobart.

Here are the upcoming visits on our road trip:

Wednesday 9 March
11.00am Petrach's Bookstore
At: 89 Brisbane St, Launceston TAS 7250

Thursday 10 March
6.30pm Event: Readings Hawthorn
Author Talk, Q and A and book signing
At: 701 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn 3122

Sat, 12 March 10am
Collins Booksellers,
222 Stuart Street, Ballarat

Sun, 13 March, 11am
Dymocks Bendigo
1 - 3 Mitchell Street, Bendigo

There will be no stops in Echuca because it a public holiday.

Monday 14 March, 6.30pm 
 EVENT: Wagga Wagga City Library
Author Talk, Q and A and book signing
At: Wagga Wagga Civic Centre, Baylis St & Morrow Street, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

Tuesday 15 March, 6.00pm 
 EVENT: Books Plus
Author Talk, Q and A and book signing
At: 157 Howick St, Bathurst NSW 2795
Tickets: $6 including light refreshments
Bookings: Call BooksPlus on 02 6331 5994 or email at

Thursday 17 March
7.00pm EVENT: Kogarah Library
Author Talk, Q and A and book signing
At: Kogarah Library and Cultural Centre, O’Keefes Lane, Kogarah NSW 2217

Friday 18 March
10.00am ABC Radio Newcastle
6.00pm EVENT: Coffs Harbour Book Warehouse
Author Talk, Q and A and book signing
At: 26 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
Bookings: Light refreshments will be served. RSVP 16th March by calling Julie on 02 6651 9077

Saturday 19 March, 6.00pm 
EVENT: Mary Ryans at Byron Bay
Author Talk, Q and A and book signing
At: 1/27-31 Fletcher St, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Wednesday 23 March, 6.30pm 
 EVENT: Rosetta Books
Author Talk, Q and A and book signing
At: The Neighbour Centre, 17 Bicentenary Ln, Maleny QLD 4552
Bookings: Call Rosetta Books on 07 5435 2134

Friday 1 April, 12.00pm 
EVENT: Dymocks Brisbane
Public Book signing
At: Cnr Elizabeth & Albert, 177 Albert St, Brisbane QLD 4000

Sunday 3 April, 4.00pm
EVENT: Riverbend Books
'Crafternoon Tea', in conversation with Julie from bookshop
At: 193 Oxford Street, Bulimba
Tickets: $15 includes a tea/coffee and sweet treats

We drove down to Cygnet and Kettering yesterday, This is the beautiful mooring bay in Kettering below.

And if you want to read more about where we are, look here:


  1. Rhonda, Tassie looks fascinating. I would love to visit there. It looks a little like NZ. Enjoy the rest of your stay there. It looks like you have another full itinerary on the way home.

  2. Hi Ronda - It's been great seeing your road trip each day. I just wish you were in WA, but that might be too much to ask for. However, to make my day I got your new book delivered and I'm loving it. It's fantastic. I can see it becoming a heirloom in my house like my old school cook book and Mum's CWA book. Enjoy your road trip xxx

  3. Hi Rhonda, It was such a pleasure to meet you on Sunday at Dymocks in Hobart. I felt like I had a million things to ask you, but couldn't remember a single one! I'm sorry you had the wrong directions and made your visit a bit late .. but it was worth the wait, and now my family know who I'm talking about all the time!! Kind regards, Gillian.

  4. Hello Rhonda,
    It sounds like you are having a fabulous time.
    I was just listening to your Life Matters podcast while I was weeding the carrots and felt like we were sitting having a cuppa together.
    Please let me know if you are heading over our way.
    Happy travels.
    Love Kate x

  5. We spent three months at Snug just north of Kettering, It is a lovely part of the world.

  6. Gosh Rhonda you and Hanno will be exhausted by the time you get home.
    Tasmania is a lovely part of the world.

  7. Welcome to my part of the world Rhonda. We moved to Cygnet from Brisbane 10 years ago. Is a lovely small town, and as I work in the local childcare centre, I have got to know all the families over the years. When I go out to the shops it is a social occasion, saying hello and having to chat to people. It drives my son nuts!! It's a very relaxed pace of life. Enjoy your stay. You will love Freycinet. Absolutely stunning scenery. Kind regards, Anne.

  8. I hope you are having a great time, Rhonda. I so wish you were coming to WA. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my book. :) Take care!

  9. Hi there Rhonda and Hanno - I hope to get to meet you in Bendigo which is the closest town to me you will be visiting. Thanks so much for your posts; they are the highlight of my day. I spent a few years in Tassie and you are bringing back some happy moments so thank you. I just love the fabric in your floral top - did you sew this yourself? - it's stunning. Much love, Deb xx

  10. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us. I doubt if we will ever get to your part of the world so these lovely pictures are certainly the next best thing.

  11. Hi Rhonda, I agree with Kay, that you and Hanno will be exhausted by the time you get back home! But I am sure it will have been worth it. Just as well you weren't in Melbourne today, unbearably hot, but the forecast is for a cooler day on Thursday, so I am crossing my fingers for you and Hanno! Have discovered that Readings In Hawthorn is not as far away as I originally thought, so looks like I can make it after all, by leaving home early,,having dinner somewhere nearby, then heading for the bookshop to browse for an hour before you start :-)

  12. Oh how I wish you were in the United States!!!
    I just finished your Down to Earth Book. I felt like I had finally found that adult older woman to teach the younger. I waited my whole life for you. LOL. Thank you for sharing all of your wisdom and knowledge, encouragement and joy. I have been encouraged to press on to be the influence in my home. Thank you for a fresh wind.
    Teresa in Ohio

    Ps. The book was worth every cent of the $30.00

  13. I am so much enjoying going along on this trip with you and Hanno. Would love to see your lovely country someday. Wish that you could come to America, you have so many people here that would love to meet you too. Take good care of your selves. Blessings, Carolyn in Fl.

  14. Dear Rhonda, such a happy day for me - I had a phone call this morning from my local bookshop to say my order had arrived (will be tucking up in bed early tonight!)and then I heard on the radio this afternoon that you will be on 774 ABC radio with Claire Bowditch tomorrow. It's the festival of Rhonda and I'm enjoying every minute! Best wishes, Karen Tatman.

  15. I am enjoying following along with your travels. The pictures in your previous post look very much like my area of the US and the bottom one is much like our drive from South Carolina up to the mountains of North Carolina. Take care and enjoy!

  16. Hello, Rhonda - I'm thrilled to have purchased a Kndle copy of your new book today and have already started reading. I've enjoyed your blog for years and you've inspired changes in my mindset and the way I live my life. I hope to simplify even more when I retire from my job in a few years. Thanks so much!

  17. Hi Rhonda, you will be pleased to learn that your new book is being promoted in the Wine Selectors Magazine this month. It is listed with six other fabulous books relating to gastronomical delights. Part of their comment is "Rhonda has the right advice to get our life in order". Congratulations. Can't wait to get my copy. cheers Maureen

  18. I was so glad to get a hug and a signed book from you last night at Readings, Rhonda! It was so lovely to hear a blogger/writer talk about things that really matter - home and family and connection and friends. Thanks for an inspiring, funny and super useful author chat. I'm excited to explore your book further and make lots of Rhonda-inspired things. Wishing you and Hanno a wonderful rest-of-the-book-tour - and good health along the way. xx pip

    PS - the book is really beautiful! You guys did a brilliant job (as usual!!)

  19. You will sure be busy! Take time to enjoy it too!

  20. What a pleasure it was to meet you in Melbourne! To be honest I felt a bit star struck 😀 Something that I took away from your talk was about working to reduce your debt. Whilst my husband and I are quite young (early thirties) we are fortunate enough to only have one debt, our mortgage. However, I hate the idea of paying it off for the next 28 years! After Thursday I revisited our budget and loan, had a chat to hubby and we now have a 14 year plan! Still a long way to go but it sounds much better than 28 years. With 3 little ones it won't be easy but little steps and the goal in mind, I'm sure we will get there! Jade xxx

    1. It was a great pleasure for me too, Jade. Meeting people is the reason I do these tours. It's not for me to talk to the converted but for hearing the stories of those who come along.

      You will not regret your new plan. You're still very young and paying that debt off in 14 years from now will give you and your husband a range of options that would not be available to you otherwise. It will be difficult at times but the feeling you get on that day you make the final payment will make up for all of it. I wish you well. xx



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