1 September 2014

Life goes on

My days are full again. There's a lot going on here and that looks like being our normal for the next few months. We're changing our garden, I'm doing a series of talks in Brisbane, we have visitors coming and I've started writing again. All in all, I have enough to do every day and even though most days are accounted for, I still take time out to have tea with Hanno and to rest whenever I feel I need.

It is the first day of spring today in Australia so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that over the past week we had another snake on the front verandah. This time it's a two metre long python. Hanno called me to come outside and see it, but I only saw the tail. If you look closely at this photo you can see the snake coiled up in the undergrowth.

Our food over the past week has been the last of the winter stews and soups. I'll use up whatever stewing steak I have in the freezer over the next week or so and then it's on to all the summer foods and salads. I whipped up a few banana and walnut muffins. These are truly the easiest and fastest of all my morning tea recipes. You can have them made and on the table in about 35 minutes. It only takes one bowl and no mixer so washing up is a breeze. The recipe is the basic muffins recipe in my Down to Earth book, plus two mashed bananas.

We're harvesting potatoes again - Dutch Creams. Sadly, this may be the last year we grow them but oh, do we love the taste and texture of freshly dug potatoes. These are so crisp it 's like peeling a good apple. We are having them in potato salad, mashed, boiled then lightly fried and baked. We'll continue enjoying them until the last one and then they'll become another one of the things we used to do.

I plan on taking a few photos at my library talks and will share our days out with you via those pics. I'll be back later in the week. What are you doing this week?

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