4 September 2014

Meeting our neighbours

We had the first of the Morton Bay author talks yesterday with a fully booked out session at the Arana Hill Library. It was such a treat to meet so many people who have been reading the blog and  books. I packed a few books of my own to sell and a box full of goodies to show - laundry liquid, soap, dishcloths and knitting cotton. I discovered long ago it is easier to encourage people to have a go at making these things if they see for themselves that homemade cleaning products, made with so few ingredients, do an excellent job.

There is something special about meeting people whose values you share. You know they get it and they know you do too. A special thanks to the library staff who looked after us so well. They served afternoon tea for everyone, had coffee and water for us and generally couldn't do enough for us. Our libraries certainly do hold an important place in our communities.

 Jana and Roman Spur and their daughter with me and Hanno.

I was surprised to see Roman and Jana Spur there from Spurtopia blog. You may have seen them a couple of times on Gardening Australia. They are such beautiful, generous people. Visit their blog and see for yourself what an amazing young couple they are. If you're in Brisbane, they often have workshops where they open up their home and garden to share their ideas and to show how to live sustainably in a rental property. Kathy from Our Simple and Meaningful Life blog was there too and her friend Karin as well as a few other bloggers whose names I now forget, sorry.  I have to start writing these important details down.

This is Kathy (front left) and Karin (centre).

Today we're off to Bribie Island, tomorrow we'll be at Caboolture and next week at Redcliffe. I hope to see you if you're in the neighbourhood. And if you read this, please come over and introduce yourself. 

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