12 September 2014

Weekend reading

As usual, I'm looking forward to the weekend. A time in our home when the already slow pace of life becomes more relaxed as we move away from the routines and expectations of the working week. I'll be reading, knitting, gardening, cooking, baking and, no doubt, writing. I hope you enjoy whatever will occupy your weekend. Thank you for your visits this week. As always, it gives me reason to keep writing.

How much backyard do you need to feed a family of four?
Air pollution - killing more people than AIDS and malaria
Best bread recipes
Ideas for left over onions
What's the most nutrient-rich vegetable? No, it's not kale, not by a long shot.
The Mennonites of Bolivia
Age appropriate farm and outside chores
Frozen corn summer treats for chickens
How to give up paper towels forever
How to care for a cast iron pan
10 steps for zero waste shopping routine

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