5 September 2014

Weekend reading

I hope you're looking forward to the weekend as much as I am. We've been out in the community spreading the simple life word for the past two days and will do so again today. Hello again to everyone who came to meet Hanno and I at the libraries. We had a ball and loved meeting all of you. Tomorrow my Penguin editor Jo is visiting from Melbourne with her husband Eli and daughter Sophia. We're all looking forward to that.  

Enjoy the next couple of days as the seasons change for all of us.  ♥︎♥︎

I haven't had the time this week for much online reading, so the list if links isn't what it usually is.

How English language is changing
The happy cheap house is precisely that
Plant dyeing wool and alpaca
Five little projects
How to clean and polish stainless steel
How to grow old gracefully - Lauren Bacall


  1. Can we have that cake recipe Rhonda?? It looks yummy! ~Trish

  2. I hope you have a relaxing weekend after a busy week, Rhonda.

  3. Chocolate cake always brings me out of the wood works!

  4. Rhonda, have you checked out the Prudent Homemaker blog at BlogSpot.com? She has a wonderful site with great recipes and tips. She has a lot of Australian followers too.

    1. Hi Mary Ellen. Yes, I've visited Prudent Homemaker, thanks.

  5. Hello Rhonda,
    Visited Spurtopia blog today after reading about it through you. Inspirational with some pretty cool ideas. Thank you.
    I always look forward to your weekend reading so don't stop.
    That cake looks delicious!
    Lots of rain here these days as we are in the hurricane season.
    Just wanted to let you know that the Hugelkultur beds experiment is showing much potential already. I planted them with sweet potatoes, cassava, pigeon peas, another pea that we call bodi, corn, bananas and a little potato-like root crop that we call tipi tambo. A real fruit forest! Everything is huge! My tomatoes have never been healthier or bug free!
    Love to you and Hanno,
    Trinidad & Tobago

  6. Its sounds like a great garden Vicki. Happy gardening. xx

  7. I realise I have a habit. On a Saturday afternoon...when all is quiet... I go to this page to find something interesting to read. Thanks for finding such interesting people each week.

  8. Yum...seeing the chocolate cake with raspberries is making me want to bake something! Looking forward to getting a copy of your second book also!

    Blessings to you,

  9. My Weekend Reading has also included your "Down to Earth" book. It's a great reference book. I harvested a bunch of beetroot from the allotment and used your Spiced Vinegar for Pickles recipe. It was the easiest pickling I've done to date and now I've got a nice jar of beets sitting in the fridge, straight from my own garden.

    1. Good on you! That spiced vinegar is the best one to start preserving with. You can use the vineger on cucumbers too - that's in the blog. xx

  10. I find the changes in language SO interesting. Matt and I took a road trip last weekend and listened to the A Way With Words radio program nearly the whole time. I find it endlessly fascinating. I also might have to paint some cast off jars. I could see many uses for them, including homemade gifts.


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