25 April 2014

Weekend reading

It's another long weekend here in Australia. Today is Anzac Day, and most Australians and New Zealanders will be enjoying a public holiday.  I hope everyone enjoys the day. If you're not in our part of the world, I hope your Friday and weekend is just what you're hoping for.

I will be madly knitting away using the beautiful organic cotton from EcoYarns. I'm knitting dishcloths to have a few samples when I do my library talks again this year, and I'm on the first of two shawls.  At some point during the weekend, I'll be doing some ironing.  Can you tell by looking at this pile of clothes that I like red?

I haven't been on the blog much this week because I've had work to do at the forum, I'm still writing and I had book publicity commitments. I'll be back as usual next week with, I hope, some interesting blog posts for you.
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Climate change is the fight of our lives  The paragraph below is an extract from this article:

And just as we have changed before, we can change again. After listening to the great farmer-poet Wendell Berry deliver a lecture on how we each have a duty to love our "homeplace" more than any other, I asked him if he had any advice for rootless people like me and my friends, who live in our computers and always seem to be shopping from home. "Stop somewhere," he replied. "And begin the thousand-year-long process of knowing that place."

Gurrumul is one of our finest musicians. Here he is, this week, singing for the royals. Gurrumul has been blind since birth and he sings his indigenous language. - video
Chickens - behavioural research - a must read for those with chickens

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