11 April 2014

Weekend reading

Forget Martha, meet Patrick, our barred Plymouth Rock rooster. :- )  I'm convinced now that he's a boy. I said on the day he arrived he looked like a boy but I named him Martha and waited for time to pass. He's always been bigger than the girls, even the fully grown ones. He's taller, elegant and more upright, whereas the pullets are round and fluffy. Now pointy saddle feathers have grown, there are down turning tail feathers and while there has been no crowing yet and still no comb, I'm convinced. Welcome Patrick! We're going to keep him and see how he goes. So far he's been friendly and a bit bonkers. I think that's a good combinations in people, I hope it is in roosters too.

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Kakao Talk - It's a Korean message and phone program and it's free to download and free to use. It's like Skype for phones, although I think there is a computer version of it too. You can talk on the phone and message all day long if you want to and there are no charges. It's been really great to use while Sunny is in Korea. The English version of it is in the link.

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