18 April 2014

Weekend reading

Early morning in the garden.

How cooking can change your life - Michael Pollan, Youtube
Inside urban green - modern methods of growing food
This is a radio interview I did with ABC radio in South Australia yesterday. The host is Stan Thomson

If you're in northern NSW, or in Sydney and would like a weekend away, go no further than Nundle. This little town is hosting an Easter festival and everyone's invited to two days of live music, games, magic shows and great food.  Go here for more information.

It's a long weekend in Australia - four days when it's usually thought to be the last time you can go camping before the cold weather sets in. We won't be camping but we'll have plenty of interesting things to do in our garden.  This afternoon we're going to Jens and Cathy's for a catchup. I hope you enjoy your Easter weekend too. See you next week. :- )


  1. Thank you for linking to your latest interview. You did a great job and I really enjoyed listening to it. Xxx

  2. The Guardian article is particularly interesting Rhonda! Thanks for the links, they are always a good read.

  3. You have a fascinating blog and a humorous honesty that is very warm and welcoming. So glad I found you

  4. Dear Ronda, I am still curious as to the pots on top of the posts. Is it a gardening secret / trick? xx

  5. Micheal Pollan's video was very interesting and eye opening. Kentucky Fried Chicken has never let up on that ad campaign. Now their ads imply that mothers are not capable of making a decent meal that the family will eat. The latest commercial on TV is for some dipping chicken bites and the family is just fishing chicken out of the bucket and dipping in the sauces that come with it and eating. There is not so much as a plate on the table. Supper time in America means long lines of cars at the drive through pick up windows at every fast food place in town. Not only is it expensive but the deficit in basic nutrition is contributing to our ill health. This is a a real pet peeve of mine and I could go on and on. Shame on food manufacturers for what they have done.


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