15 April 2014

Another milestone day

If you'd asked me when I was fifty, when I would start to feel old, I would have told you 80ish. I turn 66 today and I'm starting to feel old. Feeling old to me means I'm starting to slow down, I'm less inclined to take on new things and while I feel I've seen it all, I also have an optimistic view of what is coming and my ability to meet whatever it is with confidence. BTW, I don't think growing old is a bad thing, it's what we're all doing every day. I think life often gets better as you age. When I was 50, I wanted to live till I was 110. I'm not that selfish now and whenever my time is up, I'll be grateful that I had an interesting life and for the great majority of it, I was happy.

And just to prove I'm not a glamorous 25 year old masquerading behind these words, here is my birthday photo - the Queen and I do them every year - taken yesterday afternoon when I was 65. ;- )

Living to a really old age is not part of my plan now. I don't want to die tomorrow or in the next few years, but I don't want to live passed 90 either. I am happy knowing that my family is settled and that grandchildren have been born. I have had a few successes in my life, but having the family I have has been the greatest of them.

Today Hanno and I might go out for a seafood lunch. It depends on Kerry though because he flies back in from his job today and Hanno has to pick him up. If we're too late for lunch, we might have afternoon tea up the mountain at the French cafe. It will be good to have a day off too, I'll do some knitting, wander around and no doubt I'll talk on the phone to various family members and friends. It's a day for pottering, not working.

I want to thank you all for being here today and for reading what I write. It's not often a woman my age gets to have an audience and that's something that I think about almost every day. So thanks for giving that to me, for reading, for commenting and for walking this path alongside me.

- - - ♥-♥-♥- - -

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