Weekend reading

26 July 2013
It's been busy here all week with Hanno's health issues, two talks out in the community and starting work on my new writing projects. It will probably get busier next week. I won't have a lot of time for relaxing this weekend, we'll have Jamie here and I'll be writing, but I'll take plenty of breaks as I go along. I hope you have the chance to slow down and relax over the weekend. See you again next week!

Cheap food era is over
The face of modern poverty - thanks to Nickie for sending in the link
Diary of an 1892 farmer's wife
Eek, what's in organic sausages?
Sourdough starter from scratch
Classic play
Which password manager is the most secure?
Crocheted rose clock

From my comments
Sunny corner farm
Roots and Seeds
Wendy at Musings


  1. I hope Hanno's health issues will even out soon.

  2. Hope you have a happy and productive weekend...hope Hanno continues to improve.
    blessings, Patricia

  3. Thank you for mentioning my blog, Rhonda.

    I hope Hanno is much better now.

  4. That sausage survey was finally enough to cure me of my sausage addiction! I'll start making my own now.

    Have a great weekend,


  5. Thanks for the workshop yesterday, Rhonda. I gleaned a sizable amount of information from it. Might see you at the Brisbane Writer's Festival later in the year. And here I am commenting on your site, trying to follow through with what you said were good strategies for building a writer's platform... still working on my blog - it's about writing, but also have one about some of my travels which I started so long ago and got waylaid - quite normal for me. Thanks again and really like your site. When I become famous, I'll get a domain...

  6. Really enjoyed the 1892 Diary of a farmers life. Simple, one line entries, but made a great read.
    Thank you Rhonda

  7. The preservative mentioned in the organic sausage article is in most sausages,but shouldn't be in organic ones. I am actually allergic to that preservative and we go to the butchers and make our own sausage meal to put in the sausages (just rice flour, herbs etc).
    I think this article reminds people to check their ingredients list...just because something says 'organic' doesn't mean it is perfect.

  8. What an amazing blog you have, Rhonda! Love everything about it. I am happily your newest follower.

    Thank you for referring to my crocheted rose clock, makes me feel so good. :-)

  9. Rhonda, thank you for posting Jack Monroe's blog - my little family lives paycheck to paycheck here in Baltimore, because we choose to have my daughter home with her daddy instead of pay a day care - it's clear we could have it so much worse. a timely reminder.



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