The case of the changing chicken

24 July 2013
It seems we're continuing our run of bad luck with health issues. Yesterday I drove Hanno to the hospital at 6am because he'd been up all night with a bleeding mouth. He had a tooth out in the afternoon and the tooth socket kept bleeding all night. Hanno's on warfarin and I don't think the dentist took that into consideration when he performed such a drastic extraction.  We were in emergency all morning and after the doctor injected adrenalin into the socket, finally, it stopped the bleeding. The doctor, Cheyne, and medical student, Zoe, took very good care of Hanno. Both were thoughtful and gentle and Zoe did a lot of fussing around to make him comfortable. It makes such a difference when hospital staff take their time with you.

I'm pleased to report that he's had a good night's sleep and I hope he'll be feeling much better today.

I'm running late and a bit behind today. I've started on my next writing project and I don't want to fall behind on that today, especially now I'm in the important mapping out and organisation stage. So today's post will be a short one but I hope you find it interesting.


Our chooks are all different ages but one of our old girls is about 7. She's an old cross breed, mainly Australorp with a touch of Leghorn (I think). She's always been a strange one. I don't think she's ever laid an egg, I've certainly never seen her on the nest, and she thinks of herself, even though the others don't, as the top chook. She sleeps on the top roost and she tries to boss the other girls around, but they rarely listen.

Here (above and below) she is with her one white feather.

And here she is, white feather gone but with a red feather necklace and the beginnings of her rooster tail.

About 18 months ago, she grew one white feather on her side. When it first appeared, I thought that if she grew a few more she'd look like a magpie. But it was only ever the one feather. Strange.  The white feather lasted for a bit over a year and then it disappeared and red feathers grew around her neck. Very odd. Now her tail is turning into a rooster tail!

What next?

Have you ever had this happen to one of your chickens?  Or do your chooks do other weird things. I'd love to know.