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12 July 2013
Another weekend ahead for us to enjoy. I hope your week has been a productive one and you're ready for some rest and relaxation. Thanks for all the wonderful comments this week. I often want to reply as they come in but lack of time and not wanting to be on the internet too long prevents me. But please know they frequently make me nod my head and smile.

I've had a big week here too, doing three talks about simple life at our local libraries where I met quite a few readers. It's great to be able to put faces and personalities to the names I see here. The talks continue in the following weeks; I have nine altogether.

Enjoy your weekend. I'll see you again next week.

"Change, he says, is going to come from “people at the bottom” doing things differently." from Wendell Berry, American Hero
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  1. Good Morning Rhonda, I am looking forward to meeting you at Caloundra library. Have a lovely, restful weekend. Kathryn

    1. Come over and introduce yourself when we're there, Kathryn.

    2. Thankyou I certainly will :)

  2. I wish you could come and talk at my library but I know how you feel about plane trips, it'd take a while to get to New Zealand by boat!! Thank you so much for another fantastic week of posts, I've been reading here for a few years now and you are still providing me with much food for thought. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. It's wonderful to see how busy and productive you are with your time.
    I think some days...I've lost all track of time and am wandering aimlessly through my days!! LOL...
    My head is just beginning to be clear now after a couple of years being a care taker to others--but now I feel as though I have housekeeping deficit and am 'behind' in every aspect of homekeeping!
    You wrote in a previous post this week about blooming where you planting and waiting for the right time to get certain things done (paraphrased) ...I used to think that was settling and giving in the underachiever in Me, now I'm finding this is important to be happy and just BE! ...while taking steps forward, one at at time. My mother in law was a wise woman, she used to have a saying "Slow but sure" ...I've adopted that for myself. To some it may sound like a bad saying-- but I see the positive side of it. I may be coming along slow...but I'm for SURE COMING ALONG.
    I'm finding great encouragement here.
    thank you for linking up to Corn in my Coffee Pot in your weekend reading.
    -blessings, Patricia

  4. Oh Rhonda, thank you so so much. Ive been reading "How long can we live in the woods" and then several other articles and then more and more. Im enjoying these life stories so much. Im going home to visit my elderly mum who is not well in a short while and im picturing reading these too her. I think she will love them. Life certainly has changed for me since i first started reading your blog last year. I've grown so much as a person and life with Aspie husband and son is almost unrecognisable. Remember they did want a veggie garden? Now we have 5 chickens as well and my son counts them as members of his family. So much joy in 5 little bantams. Sustainable Gardening Australia gave me the tick of approval today for post on Ants and Aphids and invited me to write article for them. How cool is that!!! Wishing you as much happiness as you give to others. Lynda.

    1. Yes Lyda, I remember. I'm so pleased life is bubbling along nicely for you now. Congratulations on the article!

  5. Dear Rhonda, Thank you for linking to Myrtle and May this weekend. I truly am enjoying your blog and check in everyday. I think one of the most important points throughout this series is doing what you can at your particular stage of life. Everyone's life is different and adjustments need to be made throughout. Glad I'm finally realizing that.
    Enjoy your weekend. xx Kristy

  6. Thank you for linking to my blog for weekend reading Rhonda, I was most surprised to see it there. I am a regular reader of your blog and although I don't usually comment, I always enjoy your posts as they inspire me, or remind me, or just reassure me I'm not too odd living this simple life.

  7. Oh, I LOVE that article on the Prince and his mended suit! Pinned it to my mending board ;)

  8. Rhonda,
    I was one of your readers who attended your talk at Nambour Library last week. What a pleasure it was for me to be there and to see you in person and to hear you speak. The biggest impact it had on me was to hear you talk about your values and to hear you say that knowing your values is the first step towards simple living. I am in the process now of writing down our family values so I can build our simple life journey around them. It was also a wonderful end to the morning to have you sign my book I brought with me and to also have a photo taken with you. Thanks Rhonda for a wonderful morning. Gaye

    1. Hello Gaye, yes I remember you sitting in the front row on the side, nodding your head every so often. It was a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for coming along.

  9. Hi Rhonda,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your talk at Maleny last week (I was the heavily pregnant one who was first out the door for a toilet break!). I first heard of you when your book was recommended at another library session over two years ago. I found your book to be both practical and inspiring as well as easy to relate to being local. I've checked out your blog a few times as well, although haven't been a regular follower.
    The thing you said that hit home for me was that we are all at different life stages and have different priorities, so we should focus on what we can do that is most important to us, rather than getting disappointed by all the things we are not doing. I found this helpful as my journey to a more simple life for myself and my family has been as slow and gradual process to say the least!
    I really just wanted to thank you (and Hanno) for sharing this part of your life and what you have learned with the rest of us.
    (By the way, I found Borax at my local IGA a few days ago, so it must only be some supermarkets that no longer stock it.)

  10. LOL yes Tami, I remember you going out the door. It's good to know the local IGA still has borax. All the best with your changes and with the birth. xx



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