SPC Ardmona petition at change.org - UPDATED

29 July 2013

Tessa posted a very interesting article over at the forum this morning about SPC Ardmona petitioning the Australian Productivity Commission to place tariffs on imported tinned tomatoes and fruits. They need the next 200 days so they can regroup and have a breather. My heart breaks when I see orange trees being burnt down and grape vines left to rot. When I grew up, many homes grew their own fruit. Now this doesn't happen so much and up until now, we've brought fresh and tinned Australian fruits and tomatoes. Now they're hard to find, you have to check every label before you put it in your trolley and I'm sick of it. Our politicians should know how important it is for us to eat our locally grown fruit and vegetables, if they don't know, please tell them.

I've just started a petition at change.org to support SPC Ardmona in their petition, in the hope it will give them the breathing space they need to reorganise and for us, the Australian shoppers, to get them back into profit again. If you're an Australian, please help, they need your voice and your signature.


UPDATED: I wrote to SPC Ardmona telling them of our support for them and our fruit farmers and just received this reply.  Thanks to everyone who have signed the petition so far. I'm sure you join me in sending the best to the SPC Ardmona workers, and to the farmers who supply the fruit they process.

Dear Rhonda,
Thank you for getting in touch with us about your endorsement of our ‘Australian Grown and Made’ efforts.

You are absolutely right, we must continue to eat local food! So it’s always good to hear from our consumers (and influential bloggers) that we are on the right track with the products we are producing and the way we are marketing them.

SPC Ardmona is doing everything possible to ensure we make Australian made and grown products. Our policy and practice is to ensure that all our peaches, pears, apricots, plums, baked beans and tomatoes are 100% Australian grown and made.

We are going out of our way to make this happen. Aside from our fruit products, our SPC “Aussie Made” Baked Beans have seen us double our Navy Bean intake from Australia to make them 100% Australian grown and made (despite incurring a significant cost premium to do so).

We believe it is the right thing to do by Australian consumers and Australian growers.

Our focus is firmly on supporting our Australian farmers and industry and the endorsement and support of our consumers is what will see us succeed in these endeavours. It’s times like this that the combined voice, strength and actions of the community become more important than ever. The message to consumers is clear; buy Australian sourced, made and produced products wherever you can. You can make the difference.

I have shared your email with our employees who I know will appreciate the support.

Please keep up the great work in spreading our message far and wide.

Peter Kelly
Managing Director
SPC Ardmona