Cleaning the silver

25 July 2013
I spent some time sorting out my silver cutlery recently. It was all over the place. When we're here alone, Hanno and I use few knives and forks but we often have visitors and then we need quite a few. I don't have to have everything matching but it's nice to achieve it every so often. I didn't have one full set in the drawer we use every day. We had some in there and the rest all thrown into a bottom drawer. So I sorted out both drawers, divided up the daily use and the occasional use items and then started cleaning it all.

I hand-washed the stainless steel utensils, the silver plated ones went into the kitchen sink with a sheet of aluminium foil, water, bicarb and salt. It sat in there for about an hour and most of the silver came out bright and shiny. I had to hand clean about a dozen forks and spoons but the rest of them were fine without any extra treatment. Some of the really old utensils will never shine again but I've kept them anyway. Now I have a set to serve six people in the daily use drawer and the rest is divided into sets and wrapped in zip lock bags in the bottom drawer. If we need more, they're clean and ready for use.

How do you organise the tasks you only have to do once a year or six months? Are they entered on your calendar, do you do them at the same time every year?  Please share your secrets with us.

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I'm talking about writing for publication at the Reality Bites Literary Festival today. It's booked out but if you've already made a booking, please come over and introduce yourself. Tomorrow I'll be at the Kawana Library giving a talk about simple living. Again, if you will be at the library, please introduce yourself. I love meeting the people who read here.