Weekend reading

We had a lovely morning with the CWA ladies over at Beerwah yesterday. I took a couple of photos that I'll show next week. Although I've been taking it easy this week, I'm glad the weekend is coming up because I want to finish making a few things for my beautiful grand-nephew, Johnathan. My head is clearer now after that knock I gave it last weekend and I'm looking forward to finishing off a sleeping bag and a few pairs of mittens for him.

I've almost finished making arrangements for the next workshops. I'll talk to my final venue organiser this morning and have that information for you on Monday.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend with your loved ones, or if you're by yourself, that you do something you enjoy. Don't forget to take time for yourself, it's important to recharge the batteries so you remain strong and focused.  And thanks for the comments you left this week. They kept me going when I felt like such a dumb cluck for falling. xx

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Australia's cost of living

How caffeine can cramp creativity

Dan Lepard's best bread

How to not raise a slob

Exhibition of British quilts - thanks to my friend Andrew Davies at Radio National for sending this link.

Colourful and interesting - Homebaked

Gardenmama isn't updated anymore but it's still full of wonderful posts.



  1. Have a wonderful weekend Rhonda!

  2. I should really wear my glasses when I'm trying to read stuff on the I pad. I thought you had written Def Lepard's Best Bread. What the! I think the are a heavy metal band aren't they? Well I suppose the may be good cooks too.

  3. Oh thank you for linking to my adventure in starting to make a bali bag, now I will have to work on getting the tutorial up and running. I have started sewing up my lovely bali fabric already, it is such a joy to work with pretty fabric.

  4. Have a relaxing weekend, Rhonda. We are heading in your direction tomorrow and it looks like there will be at least a few sunny days but I am not taking any chances this year and am packing the thermals as we froze last year at the Sunny Coast in the winter holidays.

  5. Thank you so much for including me in your list this week, Rhonda. I love your book and your blog updates are a grounding point of the day when they land in my inbox :o)

  6. I love visiting you here Rhonda. I hope you are healing well after your fall. I am going to have a look at your links for weekend reading. Have a lovely weekend.

  7. I do not live in Australia but the article you posted titled Cost of Living in Australia should be read with interest by anyone. They make an interesting proposal. Has the cost of living actually gone up or the cost of our lifestyle? Or is it that we have increased expectations and greater demands now that make our incomes seem less? My thought: Are we spending on needs or wants?..or do we actually realize how much those extras in life cost us? ..both in time and money? They report the cost of essentials like utilities have not changed that much and in some instances have gone down. The cost of the 'new essentials" such as technology gadgets [computers etc] have gone down dramatically since the 80s. And incomes are up for many groups. Yet we say we have less spending money and thus we think our cost of living has shrunk dramatically. Has it? I am glad I read this post!! Thank you again for bring it to our attention. Sarah

  8. Hi Rhonda,
    Thanks so much for your continuous source of information which I cherish. I love your weekend readings and enjoy them with a cup of coffee and my home baked bread. Just a question, in the 10 best breads recipes they use fast action dried yeast. I also have a UK book for baking breads that uses this. I have looked on the internet with each site giving me very different results. Do you know what this is made up of? Have a great weekend.


  9. I've saved the sourdough link from the bread post. I'm still looking for a simple recipe I can just throw together. Thanks!

  10. Fascinating article about caffeine! Or, rather, the creativity part - it might explain why I get so many ideas just before sleep! A routine cleaning work is also great for letting the mind wander. :D

  11. Hey!
    That's me!
    I wondered why my traffic went from one man and his dog to a squillionty-five.
    I feel under so much pressure to perform!
    I think there's going to be a lot of disappointed linkers!!
    Thanks Rhonda for the shout out!
    Hope that battered face is feeling better.
    I have a whopping great black and purple bruise on the inside of my leg about the size of a baseball - stupidly I stood between 2 squabbling dogs - what an idiot!


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