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22 June 2013
I finished arranging dates for the last four workshops yesterday and want to tell you about them straight away. I'm really excited about meeting more people who read my blog and although it means long drives, it's so worth it. I'll remember the Blackheath weekend with Tricia and our wonderful groups for a long time. Hanno will be my helping hand at these workshops and we'll be joined at one of the venues by Chantel, who I met at Blackheath. We'll be at Lismore, Samford, Mudgee and Long Jetty.

I want to support the ladies at the CWA in the various towns we'll be visiting so all the workshops will be at a CWA hall or rooms. I've asked each of the branches to cater for our lunches on both days as well. The CWA are an important part of many rural towns in Australia and I will support them whenever I can. 

The dates and times are:
10 and 11 August, from 9.30am - 3.30pm
CWA Rooms
Molesworth St
Lismore NSW

17 and 18 August, from 9.30am - 3.30pm
CWA Hall 
Main Street
Samford Qld

14 and 15 September, from 9.30am - 3.30pm
CWA Rooms
48 Market St
Mudgee NSW

12 and 13 October, from 9.30am - 3.30pm
CWA Rooms 
1 Pacific St 
Long Jetty NSW

I'll be able to take bookings from 15 people on each day. I want to keep the groups small so we all have a chance to get to know each other and to have decent discussions as we sit together around our table. Our topics will include simple life, budgeting, cleaning, housework and routines, home production of laundry liquid, soap, jams and sauces and there'll be a demonstration of how to make laundry liquid. We'll also have a knitting session for those who want to learn how to knit. There'll be continuous tea and coffee throughout the day and lunch will be served.  The cost is $195 each which includes everything.

If you're interested, please contact me at  You can add a topic that interests you or find out more details about the workshops.


  1. Lovely for those folks down south but do gie some thought to one a bit north of Brisbane next time......maybe Bundaberg. We cq people could drive 3 hrs south.....

    1. Hi vikki. I won't travel up beyond Hervey Bay because I really don't like the climate.

  2. Perhaps one day you'll come to England and I can attend one of your workshop's here - that would be fantastic; or I'll just have to come over to Australia instead:)

    I was so sorry to read about your fall. I hope that one week on you are beginning to feel much better. A friend of mine had a fall last Saturday too, standing on a low stool to open a window, and yesterday was telling me not only how daft she felt, but also how it really knocked her confidence. Her headache is beginning to go and she's feeling much better now. I hope that you are too. Take care and God Bless x

    1. Hello Ellen, I understand how your friend felt. I hope she continues to improve. I'm feeling better now, thanks.

  3. Hi Rhonda
    I got (bought for myself) your beautiful book for Mother's Day last year and have been following your blog every day since then. This is the first time that I have ever commented on a blog though, and I really felt the need to do so now, for two reasons:
    Firstly you mentioned how important it is as a blogger to receive comments and secondly because following your blogs regarding 'setting up & writing a blog' (along with a bit of encouragement from my daughter) I have finally taken the plunge and set up my own and published my first entry today! (Suzie T's Homemade Happiness).
    I would like to thank you for not only inspiring me to write a blog but to also; crochet my own dish clothes, set up a veggie patch, make my own soap, jam and cleaning products. You truly are an inspiration to me and others (I have turned friends into other fans of you and your book). Thank you for opening my eyes to a less consumerist way of life - we cleared our credit card debt last week and are now working hard on our mortgage! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Thanks Sue. It's very gratifying to receive good feedback.

    2. I checked out your blog this morning. It's a good start. Don't forget to visit other simple living blogs and leave your link for others to find.

  4. I'll check out your blog tomorrow.

  5. Hi Rhonda - gee it must be hard to have people saying 'me, me,me' all the time, but I am going to indulge too and say that I do hope you will do a workshop in the future in or near Canberra. I have been in Auckland for the last 3 years, but am about to relocate to Canberra and would love to have a workshop, and also to meet some like minded people there.

    I have just finished reading an article about the US astronauts, and what heroes and role models they were built up to be - and then I think of people like you, writing, thinking, planning and most of all sharing with others about how to live a good life. What a contrast. Keep up the good work, to the extent that you continue to enjoy it, and set your own limits. Maybe the Forum community needs to think about developing others who could do some of this job in other parts of Australia and elsewhere . It wouldn't need to be an individual; two or three people could work together, using their own and each others strengths.

    Keep well, Jenny

    1. Hi Jenny, thanks for the feedback. I have Canberra on my future list but the list I have up now will be the only workshops I have time for this year. I'll be writing some new books over summer and hope to restart the workshops next autumn.


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