Sunday in Blackheath

3 June 2013
Hello everyone! I'm still at Tricia's and it's freezing. We had a wonderful weekend meeting some beautiful people at the workshops we ran here. I'm so pleased I decided to hold theses events because I think it did us all good to meet, share, learn and connect. 

Alyce, Rose, Erin and Ally were among the 14 who came to the Sunday workshop.

I forgot to bring the cable that connects my camera to the computer so I'll have to make do with this photo I took on the camera. It's a bit blurred but you'll get the general idea of it.  When I get home I'll show some more photos, including a group photo taken on the second day. I wish I'd thought of it for the first day as well.

I'm heading home tomorrow and will take photos along the way again. I'll have more time for photos on the way back because I'm not doing the drive in one hit. I'll be overnighting in Armidale and driving home the following day.    :- )