18 June 2013

Blogs give us a voice

Thanks to everyone who sent a message about my bruised face. I'm fine and feeling even better today. I think I have the sweetest readers on the internet.

xxx ♥ xxx 

Although I didn't know what a blog was ten years ago, now blogging is part of my daily life. The internet has given us all the freedom to roam internationally and what we write now has the potential to be read world-wide. I love that because when I grew up, children, particularly girls, where expected to be seen and not heard. Those old ways changed drastically in the early 1960s when, among other things, The Beatles arrived and music started giving teenagers a voice. I don't think I've stopped talking since.

Still, no matter how much we had to say, the media - TV, radio, newspapers, magazines etc. acted as filters for our thoughts. If someone wanted to do an article or program on a certain kind of home or way of living, first you'd have a reporter giving her or his interpretation of it, the editing process would further refine it and the way it was eventually portrayed might be quite different to how things really were. Until blogs came along, we had to be chosen to be written about, now we've all got our own printing press sitting inside our computers and we all can publish whatever we like.

Blogs have given all of us the ability to be heard, so we can advocate on behalf of our local school, we can criticise or praise our politicians, we can write words no magazine would publish, or we can write about and photograph our domestic lives, our families and how to knit dishcloths until the cows come home and no one with an agenda or the opposite viewpoint can to stop us. Yes, blogs have given us the power to communicate to an audience. That is a good thing.

I love the authenticity of blogs. Instead of the old way of viewing everything through someone else's filter, now women and men are writing their own stories, taking their own photographs and telling us how it really is. There is good and bad in that because now we have all those blogs writing their own authentic stories but it brings with it a lot of writing that would benefit from an editor's pencil. It's not always authentic either. We all have our own ways of selecting favourite blogs. I tend to go back to the blogs that are well written and have non-staged photographs. I want to see how things really are. I don't want a staged version of it.

So now here we are with the means to write what we want to write and for that to be available for reading all over the world. It's a powerful thing. I'd like to encourage more people to blog because there is always room for more interesting blogs and for writers with fresh ideas. Blogging gives a lot to the writer too. It provides the best kind of life record for you and your family and you never know, you might write exactly what's needed and build a popular blog. Tomorrow I'll blog about setting up a Blogger blog in the hope of motivating those of you who don't blog.  In the meantime, I'd love to hear about your blogging experiences or why you don't blog now.


  1. I love this post because, as a former journalist, I realize what you write is true --- this is filter-less writing. It is the most authentic kind, usually. There are those who still think they are the blog police, but who needs that? We just delete their links from our favorites or their posts from our comment section. It is nice to be an editor for a change, isn't it??

    I have one friend who understands where I am in my journey who is physically present; everyone else who understands is a voice in the wilderness with me... we have never had tea at the same table, but we have it together every morning or afternoon when I sit down with mine and visit virtually!

  2. I also tend to return to blogs that are well-written. I'm an editor by profession, and it makes me cringe to read poorly written work, no matter how important or interesting the message it's attempting to convey.

  3. Hello Rhonda ! You are absolutely right. I read every post, you wrote. And I love your blog, because it is so normal !! Do you know what I mean ? Not overdressed and turned high, just you an your life. I`m blogging for several years , at first not very often, but since one year, my blog became more and more a part of my life an it helps me to realise, what kind of person I really am.
    Thank you for beeing here.

    Nice regards Gitta

  4. Dear Rhonda~
    Speaking of the non-staged photos of blogs and having the freedom to write as Life truly is....
    I thought your topic today was excellent after seeing the photo of the Real You after you suffered your mishap the other night.
    I do hope you will heal quickly. But half the battle is won...you were willing to show us the truth~! Bravo....you *are* Awesome~!

  5. Glad to hear your feeling today and on the mend after your small mishap.

    I've started to blog as record of the items I made and how I've done them. I read blogs to gain ideas. You can learn so much from reading about someone elses experiences.

    Along my blogging journey I hope to plant the creative seed in other peoples brains.

  6. In the past only famous artists would be featured in magazine articles or have books written about them. Now thanks to the internet and blogging artists can write about their own artwork, show images of their work and have their paintings showcased on their website.
    I started blogging when planning a move from South Africa to Australia two and a half years ago.
    Blogging has helped me find my voice in a new country, made friends and even resulted in the formation of a local group of artists. We will exhibit together later this year.

  7. I have stopped blogging for the moment, because of an unnerving search word in my blog history/stats. Someone googled Australian school children, and my blog came up. It could be totally innocent, or it may not be, but it made me question posting photo's etc of my kids. I miss blogging, and I may go back to it one day, but it will be in a totally different format ie more private re the children. I've spoken with a fellow blogger and she has had similar concern as well. I am trying to figure out how to save my blog content external to the computer, so I may delete it from cyber space and start again, any suggestions?? PS I will need very specific instructions as I'm pretty basic with computers. I wrote a final post which sums up how I felt and what I have gained from my blogging experience, which I'm sure makes for an interesting read.

    1. I had the same thing happen to a friend of mine. They were posting about their children they had through surrogacy and apparently he noticed, not sure how, a few viewers from porn sites (!!!!!). He shut the blog down then and there.
      One can always make their blog private or for invited guests only to prevent such issues I believe.

  8. Just found your lovely inspirational blog. I blog for me to help me record all the simple everyday moments o life which when you look back are the important things! I love what you are saying about blogging giving a voice, I love reading opinions if ordinary folk. Thank you for such wise words

  9. Thanks for this, very well written! I've just started blogging again. I keep getting lazy but hopefully I'll stick with it this time!

  10. I love blogs for the same reasons, and I strive to be a blogger who shows the reality of making an intentional home. I'm not a pro blogger; I've got an almost full-time job, and I'm creating a blended family with 3 kids. There's not a whole lot of staging going on in our online space because I just don't have that kind of time! Though I tend to think there's a lot of beauty in the ordinary, everyday reality of our home. I appreciate the approach to blogging I see here--which is why I read you.

  11. I am on the brink of blogging....but the time and knowledge factor are stopping me at the moment......I love that it is a living diary.......as well as the skills one learns and that friends can be made from all over the world. I am looking forward to tomorrow's blog with interest Rhonda.

  12. Rhonda, beautifully said. I've been reading your words for years and the encouragement you've given me to live the life I knew I wanted to live has been invaluable. Thanks for all you do!

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch~
    Wolfe City, Texas

  13. Hi Rhonda

    Thank you for this well-written post which helps to remind me of why I blog.

    Whilst I would never regard my blog as 'popular', I am always intrigued by my new followers and those who 'like' a post. The reason? My blog is about ordinary life and what I do. I write a post about the garden and the gardeners come out of the woodwork, same for patchwork or a post with a philosophical bent. I wonder whether these readers ever return or are the disappointed by the apparent lack of focus in my content?

    On the other hand I have a band of like-minded 'friends' all over the world with whom I would not have connected if it is were not for my blog.

    I have been blogging in the current format for over 2 years now and for me, the key has been to write almost every day. I had attempted and failed to maintain a blog a couple of times previously but I did not create a habit so the idea simply withered.

    I like blogs which tend to mirror my own interests, are well-written and have regular (not necessarily every day) posts.

  14. Hi Rhonda, Blogs opened up a whole new world for me. They've taught me so many things, challenged my previous perceptions and given me a chance to learn in a safe environment, my own home. They made our first gardening attempts a success, my first no knead bread a winner, encouraged my husband to try making a first jar of jam and give some new motivation every day. And the best part is there is still so much more we want to try like making soap, new recipes, trying new plants, knitting, patchworking and the list goes on. I started my own blog, because I wanted to share as I learn,and it's a great place to keep a diary of my gardening, although my dedication to actually putting words to screen needs a little work. Thankyou to all the bloggers, you've influenced not only our lives for the better, but because of you, the chain reaction means my sister and her kids who now have a love of gardening, my aunt who's just planted some shallots and passionfruit, my mum who's given her back yard over to vegies and chickens, all the children who come to us from over the world for a small taste of our life and no doubt many others. Never underestimate how your thoughts and words may help to change the lives of so many.

  15. I recently started a blog a couple of months ago. It started with the intention to revisit old hobbies that I hadn't attended to for a long time, things like knitting, gardening, sewing, yoga and cooking.

    Raising two young children, I quickly fell into the roll of doing everything for my children and my husband and forgot about me, my needs. What I came to realise is that if I look after myself first then I will be a better wife, a better mother because my needs, my 'love tanks' are filled.So in a way my blog keeps me accountable. If I haven't written anything for a while it means that I need to take time for myself to do something I enjoy. It's a huge effort at times but well worth it. I never wanted my blog to be popular but I'm always amazed at how far and wide my readers are!

  16. Good morning Rhonda,

    As someone who only started blogging about 6 months ago, but had thoughts about starting a blog for ages, I really enjoyed this post.

    Going back 3 years or so, I’d spend a good portion of the bus ride into work reading blogs about sustainability and simple living. I got a lot out of reading about the lives of others; it inspired me, motivated me, showed me the possibilities, and helped me feel more connected, especially if there was no one sitting next to me that was up for a chat.

    I think it was this energy that I wanted to really be a part of that encouraged me in the end to sit down, take a photo, and write about it. I love sharing, and loved the thought of contributing and connecting further with the community.

    I find that it keeps me more accountable too. If I write about something, and post it for the world to see, it feels like I’m making a public declaration, and “as a man of my words”, I will try my hardest to back it up with action and follow through.
    I too would encourage anyone thinking about blogging to join in the fun. Just start, and see where it takes you.


    PS. It’s been three weeks since I started being a stay-at-home dad, and I absolutely love it. I’m so thankful to be able to do so, and thank you especially Rhonda, for your regular words of encouragement. Yes, simple living is a real and valid alternative to mainstream work-spend existence. It feels great to be able to live my life with purpose.

  17. I love blogs that are authentic , that talk about the cake that collapsed as well as the cake that was perfect. I see a little of myself in the blogs I read , and there are parts that actually make me a better person when I read another person's point of view, take on a new way of thinking or a new way of living.We are a powerful positive force in the world ! When the media is going on about leadership challenges etc , I feel really powerful turning off the television and seeing how someone's back yard vege patch is going instead.
    Great post Rhonda.

  18. I'm so happy that your dear face is less sore today, I was horrified yesterday and so relieved that your glasses had not cut your eyes. xxx
    Great post today, your words justify my ramblings! I blog to record some of my deeds and doings and also to link my grandchildren to their ancestry while I can still remember our family tales. I've "met" distant relatives this way as well as many truly lovely bloggers who feel a connection with me through our writing.
    Aren't there some stunning blogs and points of view around? Uplifting, entertaining, challenging and inspiring.
    Have a triffic Tuesday

  19. Good morning Rhonda...I'm so pleased you are starting to feel better! Great post here...I started blogging after surgery and haven't looked back. It really has been a life changing thing for me whilst being a Carer. I have 'met' people I wouldn't otherwise had met...even met some in person now...been part of on-line stitching groups...and importantly I don't feel isolated! I can try a new recipe out and blog it...I Love Blogging! Take Care...Dzintra xo

  20. Hi Rhonda

    I thought about doing a blog but I am scared noone will read it and am not sure what to blog about . I love your kind of blog and knitting ones and sewing ones.

    Linda Ann

    1. Jump in the deep water Linda Ann, there are plenty of us to save you from drowning. You will be surprised i think about how much you do have to write about once you start. Its not just about day to day happenings within your own family but how you interact with others in your community and outside. Your thoughts and opinions on the current issues that affect us all. Its almost therapy, for me. Best of all its a living thing that allows you to connect with other women (and men). I have made great friends all over the world and some local that i have met. Remember the days of "Pen Pals", this is so much better. Imagine your children being about to look back at their childhoods in so much detail and see your thoughts put down in writing. What a legacy. Go for it!

    2. Thanks Lynda D great name by the way thanks for the words of wisdom now just to get the courage

      Linda Ann

  21. Hi Rhonda, I have been following your blog for quite some time now and I enjoy it very much. Thanks for all that you share your knowledge and attitude has inspired me a great deal. I am new to blogging just started mine in the last few months. I was encouraged to start my own as I spend a great deal of my spare time reading and enjoying so many blogs so I thought why not I will give it a go! I like blogs that are authentic too, I do sometimes feel downhearted when I read some blogs with the impression of picture perfect life. Hope you are feeling better and the bruising is coming down a bit.

  22. I started reading blogs for lots of reason - information, ideas, relaxation (as in reading a magazine/book) and so on. I follow all sorts of blogs probably because I am a sticky beak (love the daily records of peoples lives), I love learning (and there is so much to learn in the blog world), friendship - it is like all the bloggers I follow are actually writing to me personally when reading their blogs; my blog is a bit like a diary for me and hopefully my family will read it one day and cherish the thoughts and info within it. Hmmm - I just love what the blog world has to offer to me as an individual;, as a mother, wife, daughter and friend; as a sponge for information and knowledge; and as person who love to learn how other people survive in this big wide world.
    And I felt the pain of your fall Rhonda and I hope it heals quickly for you!!
    xoxo Kerrie

  23. OH gosh Rhonda, took a look at your face as I didnt read yesterdays post so didnt hear about your accident! I fell over a very long cord while ironing, and tried to stop myself falling over and got hit with the flying iron as it fell to the ground! I think these extra long cords can be very dangerous! so hope your feeling better today!
    I too blog for the very same reasons... like you I come from a time when girls were seen but not heard, and since blogger came on the scene I dont shut up either!! Its given us a voice and a place to write about our lives, our problems and share our wonderful skills! I must also agree with you about the staged photos, there is a current trend to make your blog photos as 'sexy' as possible, and some are starting to look just unreal especially food blogs or cooking blogs.I prefer real too along with the authentic story of when something didint come out as hoped, and not just the successes, as it helps us to problem solve some of our own cooking/craft failures! JMHO!

  24. Hi Rhonda - I am glad you are feeling better! I am looking forward to your blogging post tomorrow. I can't imagine there is a better blogging "teacher" than you! :)

    I like to record our large family's homesteading adventures... that is the primary reason I blog. I am thankful that anyone would stop by to read my thoughts and the kind comments always amaze and encourage me. Some of my "best friends" are people I have never met face-to-face... but we have a common bond through blogging.

    Your blog is one of my favorites. Thank you for all you do!! (and when you linked to me you made my day!)

  25. Rhonda,

    I have been following your blog for several years now. And I find myself taking notes. It is wonderful because it is so well written and true, but most especially because of the kind, gentle, and generous heart that emanates from the writing. Please keep it up. I may never blog, but I always look to "my friend" in Austraila, Rhonda, for daily inspiration.

    Lots of love, Carolina

  26. I finally began a blog a few weeks ago because I wanted to share the how-to for my various projects as well as some of my favourite recipes. It's something that I've wanted to do for a while, and your blog inspired me to make the effort. I didn't think anyone would read my ramblings, but I've been pleasantly surprised. It's also had the effect of making me want to try or do more things, because I want something to write about. No more putting off projects, I have a blog to write!

  27. Hi Rhonda,

    Great to hear that you are on the mend. x

    I must say that this was an exceptionally inspirational post for me. Having blogged now for over 5 years, sometimes one wonders if they are making a difference with their story.

    With the media filtered down to just fluff these days, not willing to tackle the real issues that face our civilisation, your post made me realise that it is always wonderful reading honest down-to-earth blogs written by people going about their lives who are truly authentic.

    It gives me hope that the simple living movement can still have a voice, without being particularly mainstream in western society. Our voices count.

    Gav x

  28. g'day rhonda
    glad you are on the mend, i had a mishap similar out in the yard about a month ago, we need to be so careful we we put our feet.
    i don't blog but your blog is my favourite blog & keeps me afloat as does the forum & all the lovely members on it. i did have a couple of other blogs i liked to read but they have stopped blogging.
    hope you keep mending quickly

    selina from kilkivan qld

  29. Hi Rhonda

    I started a blog about two months ago. I always wonder what to post as I dont do alot of sewing or knitting. I have five children so mostly everyday is doing washing, making snacks for their lunches, cleaning the house, growing a vegie patch etc. Would anyone want to read about that? But after reading your blog today I decided to give it ago and blog about what I do everyday, the real me. It is hard bringing up five children and making sure they understand what is right and wrong. I want to bring them up how I was brought up, with values and respect for my parents. Nothing is handed to you, you have to earn it. I helped my parents with everything. I still had school and then I got home to cook the family meal etc. Both my parents worked. If I didnt help with things then we would eat late. I wasnt forced into helping, I wanted to help, I chose to. I enjoyed helping the family and I am very grateful for how it has made me the person I am today.

    I love your blog. I enjoy making and having a go at handmade. I'm still yet to try knitting the dishcloths though. Maybe tonight!


    1. I look forward to reading your blog Simone, good luck.

  30. I started my blog three years ago when we bought a unit with a huge empty backyard and I wanted to chronicle the creation of my garden. I had a bit of reflection earlier this year as my garden is now pretty much self-sustaining -pulling weeds and pruning is not as exciting as planting new plants! I started adding other facets of my life, sewing, cooking, and crafts, and suddenly also discovered other blogs along the same vein. I feel inspired by other bloggers that I visit and the comments they make on my blog. It truly is like having a back fence to chat to your neighbors, except it is a very long, multinational, multicultural back fence. How lucky we bloggers are! Thank you so much Rhonda for all your inspiring posts, and glad to hear you are feeling better after your fall.

  31. Wow, lots of comments ahead of me, hope you see this as i need help. I have discovered that my blog has power. It has given me a voice on the local council and recently my posts and supporting emails (i whimped out and refused to go on camera) were put before a governance committe of councilors, Dept of Health and Isis Primary Care who were meeting to discuss community health programs. I have attended many free courses this year through Shoestring Gardening that were funded through the council under the banner of Growing Healthy Communities. Shoestring are now applying for further funding to keep this important work going. My posts (with pictures) have emphasised how we are not only learning to grow food but a communitiy that is inclusive of all races, gender, sexuality, family structure etc. WE ALL EAT FOOD. What better way to bring us together. One attendee said it gave her goosebumps. I am so pleased that i have been able to help the sub-committee and they now want my input on "innovation vs regulation". Id appreciate some links to posts on this subject. Im sure we have all stumbled at time over innovative ideas being squashed by regulations. I feel that im not quite up to this responsibility on my own.

  32. Hi Rhonda,

    Like so many here, I have been following your blog for over a year now and it has quite literally changed our lives and lead to me following many more blogs for inspiration and ideas that come from real people. I too have been inspired to start my own blog about these changes and hope that it in turn may inspire others. I also have found it to be a great chronicle of what we have been doing. It may even provide the foundation for my own recipes and tips to be handed down to my children and grandchildren.

    Another surprising positive to my blogging has been that my very busy and overworked husband can get an appreciation of what I do for our family and have found him to be very supportive and encouraging about it. Quite the opposite response that I thought I might get!

    Rhonda - I can't thank you enough. Do keep it up.
    Janie from the desert

  33. My blog is in hybernation at the moment (too busy living life to write about it!!), but we've just put an offer in on a house that has the capacity for a vege patch, fruit trees, chooks and a more sustainable lifestyle, so if that comes through I think my blog will get dusted off as a record keeper for our new life and home. I love that you blog, and you're one of the few I've kept up with even though I'm on a break from blogland, kind of. I think you're right - authentic, effectively self-edited blogs are the ones I keep returning to for now.


    1. Well put, Rhonda. I hadn't really thought of blogs as giving us a voice but that is exactly what they can do. Your blog and several others actually motivated me to start up my fledgling blog of two weeks and it has been a real learning curve with lots of Google searches and help from some of the DTE members who have had blogs for a while and who were only too happy to share their knowledge.

      I look forward to learning more about how to make a blog interesting to readers and I am sure we will all learn a lot from your experience over the years in maintaining such a popular blog.

  34. I search for blogs that are authentic and personal and with values close to my own. In Norway we have an expression: "rosabloggere - pink bloggers". This type of blogs always paint a perfect picture of their lives and only show the perfect bits. I want to read about real people and real lives. Pam

  35. I love blogs that let me see into other lives in other countries. Yours and africanaussies are my favorite from Australia. I am into tropical gardening so am interested in what other tropical gardeners are doing. Actually it is fabulous to be connected to gardeners around the world. You are so right about how the internet has given us all a voice now that goes around the globe.

    I have a tropical garden blog that I enjoy writing for but only about once a month. I do not want it to take over my life. On the other hand it has given me a whole new activity in retirement. Aloha

  36. Hi Rhonda, I started blogging in 2008 as a way to regularly document for me and my parents (who live overseas) what was happening in our veggie garden. As time has passed the bog has grown and changed to include other things: sewing, preserving, simple living. It allows me to be creative and hopefully share some of the inspiration and knowledge that I gain from other people's blogs (including yours!)

    It has also created a little community here in Melbourne. From a shared interest in sewing through our blogs, I now meet up regularly with other keen sewers for 'social sewing' where we chat, help each other and generally have a great time!

  37. I tried blogging for a few months, mainly so that my sister on the other side of the country could follow what the children and I were up to. I didn't mind my less than 5 readers a day. However, I wasn't aware that when you link to someone else's blog post they can see it, and one particular time, this was tweeted by them and I had over 500 readers in a day. This scared me, and also made me focus more on 'maintaining' my readership. I was terribly unhappy and made the immediate decision to shut my blog down. But I have missed the creative outlet and would like to start up another blog again, but maybe not quite as intrusive in our lives.

  38. Hi Rhonda,
    I started blogging last year pretty regularly but gained few followers, 3 to be exact. Maybe I'm one of those who just cannot write very well or maybe with the children I get too rushed. I BLOG about our life with children and caring for my parents who recently moved in with us. I really started to blog because it is a frugal way to be creative. Even though I am a private person, I like blogging, but I haven't told any of my friends I blog and I really don't know why. There is so much wisdom out there to be gained from hearing about other people's lives and how they they live them. I agree with you authentic is best. At this point I'm not sure if I will continue to blog. At this point I either need to embrace it or let it go. Thanks for your blog, I have learned a lot from you and I enjoy checking in everyday. God Bless.

  39. Author well put together post...”yes the internet sure have gave a lot people a voice” I first heard of blog on a news story quite a while ago...I thought this would be interesting to do...but one of my first thoughts was “what could I post about?” I'm sure not famous or well known...Actual there plenty to post about.
    Your line in this post..sums it about pretty good...”telling us how it really is.”
    After reading the comment on this posting...I've considered my blog of hodge podge...I post of hodge podge subject.
    I would even consider the blogs I visit a hodge podge of sort...This way I can expand my mind.
    It seem like all sort of social media seem to take a bite out of blogging. But I have to confess...That I enjoy blogging the most what I do on the computer.
    Out in rural North Idaho our internet is limited. It been a while since what being offered as internet connection. I check but to use a cell phone connection it cost $60 a month and you are limited.
    Right now there ad going that the local phone company offers 3 mags for $19.99 a month, unlimited.
    But unknown if it offered out where I live.
    Actual I would like to post more then I do...Connection speed is what slows me down.

    Coffee is on

  40. I love the opportunity to both read and write about the truth of what its like to be a homemaker, a wife, a mother, a Christian woman, in the hard times and through the hard things as well as the good times and the good things.

    One thing that has been missing from our culture is authenticity. There's always been such an emphasis on putting the best face on things that when we struggled, we thought we were alone. Blogging at its best shows truth and helps us know that we can go on, with Christ's help, even when things aren't perfect.

    I write a lot about being thrifty, because I've lived through hard times that require it.

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  41. Hi Rhonda,

    Before I found your blog, I didn't understand blogging at all, even at the age of 24. Your blog opened up a whole hallway of new doors for me to explore: blogging (and other bloggers, who I found mostly through the comments on your posts), living within our means, living simply, and becoming more self reliant. When we bought our farm last summer, I started my own blog as well in order to keep my family up-to-date about what we were up to, as they are all an 8 to 24 hour drive away. I will admit that I am not a natural writer - my thoughts are not linear enough to flow logically and smoothly through a post - and I could probably use a bit of editing. But I do my best, which is all we can really do. And while I still use my blog mostly to document our progress as we work towards farming, I have also discovered a little community in my area who are interested in farming. To this end, I set up a forum so we can share information, ideas, and chat about what's going on locally and with each of us.

    I would not be living the life I am if I had not found your blog. And I would not have discovered other young farmers in my area if I had not set up a blog of my own.

    Thank you, Rhonda, for sharing your life and your thoughts with us. I check your blog every day, though I rarely comment. I am glad your blog is being archived; it is a valuable source of wisdom that is not typically shared between generations nowadays.

    With utmost thanks, and wishing you the very best,

    PS - I am glad you are feeling a bit better today - I hope you continue to heal quickly!

  42. I wish you'd be my editor Rhonda.

    Glad you are feeling ok after your little trip.

    I've found blogging healing, by just focusing each day on the ordinary. Blogging helps me cope being a caregiver and having daily illness in our home. Blogging can change ones focus onto the many simple daily things that bring joy that still is around us even during illness.

  43. I too am drawn to the more honest, less staged blogs. These are not the glossiest, or trendiest, but the ones that are simple, beautiful and honest. Like you, I tend to go back to the same ones I have been reading for years.
    Your blog definitely inspired me to "give it a go".

  44. Thanks for this post. My little blog is so simple, but makes my voice heard. I love posting all the projects I complete.


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